Monday, April 27, 2009

Maggie Passaro's Video Pledge of Support for Oath Keepers, and Her Own Oath

The below very heartfelt video testimonial/oath swearing by Maggie Passaro was sent in a message to the Oath Keepers' MySpace page:

From Maggie Passaro: My pledge to the oath keepers

This is my pledge , in a show of support and appreciation.

My Pledge To The Oath Keepers

Thank you Maggie! You do us great honor, and your support and willingness to take the oath refreshes our spirits and renews our commitment to keep our oaths at all costs. We welcome you as an honorary Oath Keeper. - Stewart Rhodes and the Oath Keepers crew

Oath Keepers, let this good lady's faith in you serve to remind you of your high calling as Guardians of the Republic. Don't let her down. Defend her and the rest of the American people with all your might, to the utmost extent of your power. Remember your oath. Do your duty.


Anonymous said...

DITTO, Maggie baby!!!! Every single word!

TheMouse said...

Maggie, I am not an American citizen but due to a "green card" have had the privilege of working in the USA since Sept of 86. In the passing years, I've grown to love the USA and it's honorable people and it was my privilege to stand with these people you have acknowledged in your video.

The emotions you evidence in your video are emotions shared by so many oath keepers and indeed so many of we, the "civilian" population of the u.s. of A.

It is my prayer that after viewing YOUR video, there is an out pouring of other people, using the same medium to express their appreciation ... and to do as you do, to reaffirm your oath ... and in so doing, to give notice that you are among a tremendous number of Americans who're proud of their country's history and are ready to stand to Her defense !!

We're proud of YOU !!!

Anonymous said...

Grow up, hicks.

CorbinKale said...

Thanks, Maggie. Every voice that pledges defense of the Constitution is a slap in the face of tyranny. When anonymous cowards insult you, take it as proof that you are doing the right thing. :)

TheMouse said...

If Maggie ( or any other Oath Keeper ) is to be labelled with the term "hicks", then by God, sign me up to be a HICK as well !!

Donald F. Truax said...


Proud to know that people like you still care and are willing to step up to the plate :)

For emphasis, this is what it's going to take to save our country and freedoms!!!

Love "Light" and Energy


Ron Robinson said...

This is such a great program, but you may have overlook one thought that may help other step forward.

I know from talking to many local officers that many are loath to utter a pledge, every sentence of which promises their superiors disobedience. Especially for a volunteer officer like myself who is also a leader (I am a training sergeant) and whose place in the chain of command is not protected by work rules and perhaps a union. We in the command structure walk a very fine line sometimes.

Let's face it, every officer and enlisted man must try to get along in the the command structure in which they labor. Promising trust rather than disobedience may obtain better results and get more Oath-Keepers to step forward publicly.

"I ____________ pledge to trust the officers and commanders appointed over me. I trust that they will honor their oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States from all enemies foreign and dmoestic."

I took this pledge on youtube: (get the embed code here)

This pledge operates on the command principle that commanders are exhorted never to issue the command that they know will not be obeyed. It promises fidelity to the chain of command before it promises disobedience.

At the same time, it places the commanders on notice that this issue is very much alive in their rank and file. The threat of disobedience lies in the fact that the trust is conditional and requires the superior to be faithful to their oath.

In a perfect world, it would suggest that the order that 'must be disobeyed' would never arrive because the 'disobedience' occurs higher up in the chain of command and will never reach my level in the chain of command.

If the trust is broken, then it is broken; and disobedience is certainly called for.

This maintains the trust, subordination and respect that is absolutely essential to a functioning chain of command. But it will also make a preceptive commander think very hard before issuing the command he or she suspects will not be obeyed.

It identifies me as a genuinely dedicated subordinate who has truly thought through my position.

But the net effect is the same. If I feel that the trust has been broken by my superior, then obedience is on my conscience, not his.

If you can help more public servants deal with this issue, you may find many more stepping forward to take the oath. I'm am not suggesting that this supplant your current oath, simply that it be discussed as an attractive alternative.

Thoughts? Comments?

ThatGirlTasha said...

Thank you Maggie.

TheMouse said...

After my encounter with the HomeLand "security" officer this weekend, who told me regarding a person's right to privacy and constitutional protection against unlawful search and seizure, wherein he stated "they don't have those rights", I became more convinced than ever that this republic, and her people, who do not pro-actively involve Jehovah God in their purposes and motivation are doomed to play the enemy's game. They are his servants. They are the kinds of people who will be more likely to act selfishly, stubbornly, foolishly. The success of our republic and of constitutional authority will be directly proportionate to the degree "We The People" acknowledge God and seek His face in all things. If we seek his face sincerely and submissively, then part of the end result will be humility, purpose, virtue, honor, integrity ... and will assure us victory in what ever comes our way. If you've not resolved THIS issue with Our Creator, I encourage you to do so NOW, for failure to do so assures you failure in the futhre ... and remember, a chain is only as good as it's weakest link. Take care of YOUR link NOW, for the salvation of this troubled nation.

Anonymous said...


Thank you for doing this. There are a lot of people behind you in 100 percent support.


Your posts are awesome!! What you said in both your posts can't be improved on, so I won't even try.

Appeal To Heaven

CaptGooch said...

Ron Robinson,
I do hope that in your effort to "modify" the Oath of Service you don't loose sight of the real reason for the Oath in the first place.

It has always been a last ditch attempt to keep the power damaged political parasites from being able to violate the Constitution by issuing unlawful orders to the personnel tasked with keeping the Peace.

There are Police Officers [Would that they were Peace Officers instead] on duty even today who are violating not only their sworn oath to the Constitution but also the Constitutionally protected inherent and inalienable rights of American citizens On the Orders of their Officers and Superiors.

Trust is a wonderful thing BUT just like Respect it must be Earned.

We Oath Keepers will Not Obey any order that is in violation of the Constitution. No matter who issues it. We will hope that our Officers will also Keep their Oath to that same Constitution. None the less we will Keep our Oath whether they do or not.

For myself I'll Keep the Oath I have sworn and reaffirmed numerous times already.
That Oath is to the Constitution not to any Person or Office.