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Oath Ceremonies at Appleseed Shoots and Photos and Commentary on Gonzales, Texas Oath Ceremony on April 19, 2009.

The Oath Keepers crew has been recovering from our blitz of activity to get to Lexington on the 19th, and we are now scrambling to catch up with many things, including posting pictures and videos from the Lexington gathering as well as other gatherings around the country- such as the one at Gonzales, the photos for which we now post below (still waiting on videos, and will post when those are online).

Yep, it was not just at Lexington that Americans gathered to pay tribute to the patriots who stood at Lexington on April 19, 1775. And it was not just at Lexington that modern patriots renewed their oaths - or took the oath for the first time - to defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic. As is fitting for Americans, many fine folks across this land used their own initiative to conduct their own local oath ceremonies wherever they were. Many folks took the oath at home, among family and friends. And many others took the oath as part of an Appleseed shoot. We are still hearing back from folks across the country (and if you have stories and/or photos of your own oath ceremony, please email them to us), but we can at least tell you about the following:


At many an Appleseed rifle shoot across this land folks took a few minutes out of their time on the range to gather together and conduct an oath ceremony. We Oath Keepers are enthusiastic supporters of the Appleseed Program, where volunteer instructors travel all over America and teach rifle clinics to pass on both the heritage and the skills of a rifleman to all who are willing to show up, for the paltry sum of $80.00 for two days of instruction (and women and all under the age of 20 shoot free!).

Oath Ceremony at Appleseed Shoot in Sacramento California, April 19, 2009

This year, Appleseed conducted special shoots all over the nation on the weekend of April 18 and 19th, to honor the heroes who stood their ground so long a go. And the good folks at Appleseed likewise support Oath Keepers and were more than happy to accommodate any shooters who wanted to conduct an oath ceremony that day. In fact, Oath Keepers crew member (and supreme disciplinarian of the comments) Capt. Gooch helped run the Appleseed shoot in Corpus Christi, Texas, and conducted an oath ceremony there, but was unable to get any pics (everyone was busy taking the oath). However, some folks did manage to get pics, and as we get those in from various Appleseed Shoot oath ceremonies, we will post them. Above is a photo of the oath ceremony at the Sacramento, California Appleseed shoot.


And there was also a gathering of patriots in Gonzales, Texas. The October 2, 1835 Battle of Gonzales is known as the "Lexington of Texas" where Texans resisted an attempt by troops of Santa Anna to seize their cannon. And so these modern Texans spent Sunday, April 19, 2009 together in honor of the men who came before them, both at Lexington and at Gonzales, and conducted their own oath ceremony.

The Battle Flag of Gonzales Texas, Commemorating the Defiance of the Texans in 1835. ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ! Texas style!

This is precisely the kind of grass-roots initiative and patriotism that will drive this movement forward and fulfill our mission of spreading the Oath Keeper message. We salute the patriot Oath Keepers of Gonzales, and wish them Godspeed in all their future endeavors to spread the word in the fine state of Texas.

Below is the report on the Gonzales gathering by the man who organized and lead that effort, Jesse (aka YeOldFurt). We were waiting to post the pics when we also had the video, but we'll go ahead and repost YeOldFurt's post about the event, and just as soon as the video is up online, we will post it as well. Also, we will post Jesse's personal testimonial about his oath. - Stewart Rhodes

Gonzales Gathering -- After Action Report

(by YeOldFurt)

The day was almost totally cloudless with a slight breeze:
Once everyone arrived we spent a few minutes getting acquainted and passing out copies of pamphlets containing the Declaration, Constitution and Amendments (Bill of Rights) as well as copies of the Petition:
Then we moved over to some covered bleachers and I quit worrying about not having a bullhorn.
We started out with a benediction led by HermitJim
And then moved on to the Pledge of Allegiance led by my Sister-in-Law, Michelle Rudis
Next I gave a summary of the events that occurred on Lexington Green on April 19th, 1775 and events surrounding it as well as a summary of events of what occurred in Gonzales Texas on October 2, 1835.
Then "Oath Keeper" read off the "Orders We Will Not Obey" from the Oath Keepers website.Then Mayberry read the Declaration of Independence.
Mark then read the Constitution, parts of which surprised some of us as we all weren't real steeped in it. There was some discussion about it because of that.Then Cygnus read the Bill of Rights (First 10 Amendments). Again causing a bit of discussion.After that, I gave a little talk about the responsibilities of the Oath.
We then took the Oath to "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic."
(At this point, even our camera man took the Oath)
Then Mayberry gave his speech (I wish he'd put it up on his site -- hint - hint).
Finally we closed with a prayer given by HermitJim.
(Again, no picture because of circumstances).

It was a down to earth moving experience and a BIG THANKS to everyone.
In the coming days, I hope everyone keeps their head down and stay off the ridgelines.


Opus #6 said...

I said it on my blog and I'll say it again. The Oath Keepers are the best this nation has to offer. 'Nuff said!

CaptGooch said...

Nice looking group you had YeOldFurt. And bleachers in the shade .... I am jealous.

I didn't have any shade or bleachers or nearly as many but I didn't have a chance to advertise either so I didn't feel too badly about only having six souls to witness, reaffirm and swear the Oath to support and defend the Constitution.

We had one other Veteran beside myself and we had four new Oath Takers who all assured me that they too would Keep their Oath.
In all six Oath Keepers.

Two of my fellow Appleseed mates [ Instructors or IIT's to be precise.] were in the group and that was icing on the cake as far as I was concerned.

The Appleseed Project for those that don't know: Appleseed is an American Heritage program that has a very good Traditional, rifle marksmanship course! [The Official Word by the way]

We had our ceremony at the end of the second day of an Appleseed Shoot and we were all of us a little tired and sun/wind burnt.
Even so I gave a pretty short speech about Oath Keepers. [It was pretty short not Pretty and Short]
Then I asked If anyone wanted to reaffirm their Oath and then If anyone wanted to take the Oath for the first time.
We swore the Oath and adjourned.

A long day and tiring BUT well worth it.
Appleseed and Oath Keepers fit well together in my mind at least.

Anonymous said...
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CaptGooch said...


I think my best response is no response.

We are Oath Keepers and our mission is to preserve our Constitutional Republic. To support and defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.

All other expose type comments should probably find a different blog to post on.

We are a One Mission blog site.

Can we stay on mission here ?

Thank You

CaptGooch said...

Stewart said ....
"Oath Keepers crew member (and supreme disciplinarian of the comments)"

Yikes !
How am I ever going to live that down ?
There goes my "Good Conduct" badge.

O.K. said...

long diatribes about unrelated topics (or tangentially related, at best) will be deleted.

If you think you have something that is related to the Oath Keepers mission you want to share, please post a link to another webpage or blog where the long document can be read. Don't repost all of it here.