Monday, April 6, 2009

Join Us on April 19, 2009


Anonymous said...

Actually, You Mean 2009 not 2007. But we get the reality. If You can't be at Lexington Green, then start one in your home town.

Stewart Rhodes said...

Thanks! Fixed!

YeOldFurt, what are the details on your event? Did you email them yet?

Folks, as he said, if you can't be in Lexington Mass, then do your own, or better yet, go attend an Appleseed shoot that weekend.

J. Croft said...

Message to the Police Officer

O.K. said...

J. Croft,

Well Done! And thanks for the mention of Oath Keepers.

If you get the chance, please join us at Lexington Green on April 19.

Anonymous said...

Count Me IN..... Veteran, USAF, U.S. Forces Far East, 5th Air Force, CINCPAC...

I like the patch as designed, colors recommended as red, white, and blue blends

NOT ON OUR WATCH! (with an explanation point)

CaptGooch said...

Welcome 5th AF, CINCPAC

Have you sent in a testimonial yet ?
You can remain anonymous and not reveal your personals unless you want to.
Send it to us we will remove the personals [IF you want] and post it here with the other Oath Keepers.

Long, short, detailed or not its all up to you.
Send it to .

Thank You for your Service.
Welcome Aboard.