Thursday, April 16, 2009

Itinerary and Details for The April 19th, Rally on the Green

We now have additional speakers including Lt. Commander Guy Cunningham and Sheriff Richard Mack

Join us in renewing our oaths to the constitution or take the oath for the first time.

Please be there. If you can't get there please donate to help offset the costs of this mammoth undertaking.

We have active duty military and law enforcement flying in from all over the country.

Itinerary as follows;
  • Dr. Edwin Vieira
  • Walter Reddy
  • Myself
  • Lt. Commander Cunningham (author of the 1995 29 Palms Survey)
  • SEAL Capt. Larry Bailey
  • Sheriff Richard Mack (Sheriff Mack will not be at the dinner, because he will not land until very late Saturday night)

Dress code for Sunday; No cammo, dress your best, preferably suits or dress uniform. At least business casual, if you can. If you live in jeans and won't wear anything else that's fine we won't turn anyone away but please no cammo.

(There may be two or three other "special" guests who I am not at liberty to disclose at this time, but they are most assuredly interesting fellows)

Still ironing out some details on itinerary, but it should be as follows:


Oath Keepers crew lands at 3:30 in Boston. We have no plans for that night, other than getting settled into our lodging.


Dinner on Saturday at 6pm. at a good chinese restaurant in Lexington, called Yangtze China, near the Green, for $13.95 dinner buffet


at 10am Oath keepers will take a fast trip to Concord Bridge to pay respects there, in our own quiet gathering.

12pm to 3pm rally on the Lexington Green.

Vieira will go first, and then Reddy and on down the list.

I start speaking at around 2:00 pm and we expect to start the oath ceremony at approximately 2:20.

Then parson will close.

After the rally on the Green, we will head over to the bed and breakfast (The Stow Away Inn) owned by Dave Freeman's niece, for an indoor/outdoor party. She has a couple of acres for us to use to do more speech making, more filming of testimonials, interviews, etc. and since we will then be on private property, we will not have any time limits or constraints on any of that. I expect that this party will go on into the evening.

Directions from the Green to the Stow Away Inn

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Then, at around midnight of Sunday the 19th, the official reenactment will begin with Paul Revere's ride and then early next morning, at the crack of dawn on the 20th, they will do the reenactment of the battle of Lexington. (I have no idea why they don't hold it on the 19th, but that is how it is set).

The Oath Keepers crew will fly out of Boston at 5:30 on Monday.

Special t-shirts and patches will be available at the event


Anonymous said...

Department of Homeland Security officials arrested for drug trafficking:

Do these bunch of frauds protect us? Really? Yeah right.

Opus #6 said...

Thank you, brave Americans.

Anonymous said...

it's very likely a misdemeanor of some sort to discharge a firearm before 9 or 10 in the morning on sundays.

Anonymous said...

I would caution you against wearing your military uniforms...

The military is not endorsing this event...