Thursday, April 30, 2009

I know what the Oath means to me and my family

I grew up in a house where I saw my father put on his uniform every Monday night for years and go to Reserve drills. Then when I turned 17 I joined the Naval Reserve while I was still in high school. After high school I did my active duty with MCB 7 doing one tour in Spain and one tour in Nam. After my active duty was over I stayed in the reserve and did several training duties with my father before he retired as a Chief Petty Officer. I stayed on and retired also as a Chief petty Officer. So I know what the Oath means to me and my family.

And Not on My Watch!

Ole Glory flies in my front yard everyday



CaptGooch said...

Welcome Aboard Jack.

Chief if you prefer. We will need as many hands as we can get to reach out to the currently serving Oath takers and help teach those who don't already know just what the Oath they took actually means.

We are honored to have you stand with us.


Not On Our Watch

Anonymous said...

From: pfj


I am a vet - 820th CES (Red Horse Squadron - combat engineers equivalent to Navy SeaBees, DaNang, Vietnam during Tet)

As a Constitutional scholar you are aware of questions being raised as to the legitimacy of Mr. Obama's qualifications as President of the United States.

These questions appear quite valid and should be pursued by Oath Keepers. He could actually be in fact an illegal alien. Needless to say the ramifications of such a revelation will be adverse to put it mildly and spread far and wide.


Anonymous said...

"First, they [Nazis] came for the Jews. I was silent. I was not a Jew.
Then they came for the Communists. I was silent. I was not a Communist.
Then they came for the trade unionists. I was silent. I was not a trade unionist.
Then they came for me. There was no one left to speak for me."
-- Martin Niemoller, given credit for a quotation in The Harper Religious and Inspirational Quotation Companion, ed. Margaret Pepper (New York: Harper &Row, 1989), 429 -as cited on page 44, note 17, of Religious Cleansing in the American Republic, by Keith A. Fornier, Copyright 1993, by Liberty, Life, and Family Publications --


When they came for the first amendment, most people were quiet because they weren’t so-called radicals, and criticizing the government was something they never did.

When they came for the second amendment, most people were quiet because they didn't own a gun, and, only criminals, terrorists and extremists owned guns.

When they came for the fourth amendment, most people were quiet because they didn't deal drugs, nor did they engage in terrorist activities. Most people thought they didn't have anything to hide. They thought the fourth amendment only protected the guilty.

When they came for the fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth amendments, most people were quiet because they were not 'terrorists' or 'unlawful combatants.' Most people thought our system of justice was in good hands during the War On Terror and the War On Drugs.

When they came for the ninth and tenth amendments, most people did not notice. States rights and power not delegated to the federal government was beyond the understanding and concern of virtually every person walking the streets of America.

Most Americans thought the federal government had their best interests at heart or they were afraid to speak out when they saw tyranny raising its head. The politicians, generals and bureaucrats were nice looking men and women. They were well spoken and well educated. They belonged to our major political parties. They seemed so patriotic and sincerely concerned about our safety. We put our trust in them. Our leaders were fighting America's enemies - not us.

Now that the Bill of Rights is gone, our personal liberty and privacy are gone. Our system of justice is gone. Lincoln's government of the people, by the people and for the people is gone. It has been replaced by what General Franks calls, 'a military form of government.'

No one can speak out about government abuses they have encountered. Speaking out about having been visited by federal law enforcement is now illegal. Now many more people understand that the true domestic enemies were the people they elected and the judges they appointed to pull the levers and wield the power of government and justice.

Most people didn't think about or discuss our Constitution and Bill of Rights because religion and politics always end up in an argument. No one spent time thinking about these things or discussing them. Looking back now, why was that? Why did the people only complain about their government rather than correcting it and holding it accountable? Its clear now that the constitution was not taught in the public school system for a reason. And church … well, our Christian church taught our people to submit and accept persecution because this was the Word. “Don’t protect your family, your home, your life, your liberty and your constitution if doing so prevents you from rendering unto Caesar.”

It's clear to most people now that most Americans never understood the foundation of American liberty and prosperity. Most Americans didn't think beyond voting once every so often. We were very proud that we voted. History now records that Americans didn't have a clue for whom or what we were voting.

Is all this understanding too late? The Old America we once were so proud of is becoming a story we tell our grand children in quiet whispers in the dark of the attic to give us hope to manage our fear and hide our shame.

No more …

-- David Sadler --


“To the States or any one of them, or any city of the States, Resist much, obey little, Once unquestioning obedience, once fully enslaved, Once fully enslaved, no nation, state, city, of this earth, ever afterward resumes its liberty.”
-- Walt Whitman, 1860-1881 --

Anonymous said...

I've clicked on every video - no sound whatsoever. Your voices have been silenced. I see their mouths move. I'm not on mute for sound! What's that about?

CaptGooch said...

Anonymous said...
I've clicked on every video - no sound whatsoever. Your voices have been silenced. I see their mouths move. I'm not on mute for sound! What's that about?
May 9, 2009 5:10 PM

No clue Anonymous.

They all work for me.

Anybody else having a problem ?