Sunday, April 19, 2009

I have never been released from my oath . . .

Brothers and Sisters,

I have no great war stories nor medals of honor for service rendered. I am not great, in and of myself.

I stood beside my Officers when the shit hit the fan, with my fellow NCO's and Men... NCO's and Men who were but boys, then. No matter, we aged quickly...

We did our job, and our Duty. We keep faith with our Units, and our Country. We did right to the best of our ability, and we didn't do too bad... not at all.

I stand again today with my Officers, NCO's and Men. I have never been released from my oath and would not accept it if it were offered. We shall not fail this Country, her People, her Constitution. This I swear before all the World.

Let those who would enslave, tremble. Let those who would bind the hands and feet of their victim, be themselves bound. Let those guilty of treason, even if they be in the highest offices of this Land, be found guilty of same... and that during a time of War.
May God grant them some mercy, for I sure as hell won't.

RS Covey

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