Saturday, March 21, 2009

WW II, Korea and Vietnam Veteran, Former POW and Mustang Officer Sounds Off

"I don't know which will happen first, 1776 or 1929, but be prepared . . ."

Thirty years of pride.

When I see teen agers of today I wonder if that's what we were like.

At 16, I was a cockey recruit (knew it all, could walk on water), At 17 in the Naval Hospital of San Diego, I doubted I'd ever even walk at all again , and realized how stupid I was to have been in the wrong place at the wrong time. A place called Okinawa in 1945.

At 22, more stupidity, I spent most all of the Korean war in a prison camp up by the Yalu River in far northern Korea.

We were repeatedly told that we were not POWs, in that our own Congress was too cowardly to declare war. We were criminal invaders and had no rights what-so- ever under the Geneva Convention. We wondered what was in the Red Cross care packages that the goons enjoyed.

In the (another none-war) in Vietnam I was stupidly following too close and Ka-boom- - I got to wear a black eye patch for a while. The pirate of 3/5

What's 3/5 ? Just ask any Marine.

Well, what's a sailor doing repeatedly hanging out with a bunch of leather necks ? By special invite only.

The Corps has no medical personnel of their own so whenever they need more medics in a war or none-war, you better hope your name is not followed by the wrong MOS.

I printed up a very noticable sign and posted it on my front door. "I do solemnly swear that I will protect and defend.........." an oath I have proudly taken many times.

I don't know which will happen first, 1776 or 1929, but be prepared, it'll happen and sooner than we think.

CYA my buddies. Keep your larder full and your powder dry.



Anonymous said...

Hi God Bless You!!!I am new at this and from Canada, I hope I can figure out how this site works.I have tracked the One World scum for 30+ years.I agree 99.5% with how you Brave Gents/Glen Beck is approaching this.! My 2 cents at this point.
WE need to start planning. How we are going to Communicate? this will be the first thing they will cut OFF!! soon
As this all comes down, we will not have TV/Radio with Glen, and many others like him, nor this email system.
WE will be Cut Off and will not be able to plan anything on a large scale. even the roads, will be restricted !!
I cannot believe how fast this is ALL happening [Stealth Speed]. All North America+ is dependant on You being able to get your Country back.TIME is Very short!! maybe weeks, I really liked Glens reference about the Exits off the freeway, We are going at about 500 MPA!!!
HOW will we communicate ?
1. SW Radio, [channel ]?
2. CB Radios [ channel ]?
3. ??????
4. Set up Prearranged meeting Places with Dates/Times?
5. or will we be down to Smoke signals only?
I Pray that somebody will pick this critical issue up.
May God Bless all of Us !!!

CorbinKale said...

No need to communicate. A wise man once pointed out that if we communicate, our communications can be monitored. Just do what you can, according to your situation, and watch the news to see what others have been up to. We are all across their supply lines, and we have them surrounded. :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks!!! You made me feel a little better already. We had a little go here a few years back, we woke up in the morning and all the country roads where blocked by police over night , that lasted for several days.
God Bless RK

Greyhawk said...

Revolution is a lot like poker, play your cards close to your chest and never let them see you smile.

Anonymous said...

amen and follow PROVERBS 22 7 this is their best gimmick for control

Anonymous said...

Sorry to bug you again, but please go to this link. Thanks RK

CorbinKale said...


I found this article which explains a bit more about what I was alluded to.