Sunday, March 22, 2009

Deputy Sheriff Speaks his Mind

"I don't think David Rockefeller knows how to fly an F-15 ..."

My name is [name deleted] and I am a Deputy Sheriff for the [deleted] county Sheriff's Office . I am only 22 years old but even I can see the evil threat that the elitists in our U.S. Govt. pose to our Constitution, our Rights, our Freedoms, and our National and State Sovereignty.

When I was sworn in on 12/21/2007 I took an oath to serve my County, my State, and my Country and to uphold the State and U.S. Constitution. When these CFR's, Trilaterals, Bilderbergs, Freemasons, Illumanti.....the whole international Banker Luciferian conspiracy tries to enforce their illegal martial law and officially change our country into a 4th Reich I WON'T STAND FOR IT! I wont obey any order that violates the rights and protection given to my fellow Americans by our Constitution even if the penalty for not obeying is death.

My Country and my State are no longer under the control or will of the People as they should be. The Republic is all but destroyed and forgotten. But the true Americans, the Christians, the Patriots, the intelligent non brainwashed members of the Military and Law Enforcement won't put up with this! You can only push us so long before we push back.

All I know is, I see the darkness that this tyrannical govt. poses, not since Lincoln has disregarded State's rights has a threat this imminent been present. The thing everyone needs to remember is that the only way to enforce their nonsense treasonous acts and orders is with man power.

My fellow Peace Officers and the Military, if we stand up and say NO to them they're powerless. I don't know about you, but I don't think David Rockefeller knows how to fly an F-15 or how to drive a tank or how to dress up in riot gear and use pepper spray and taser devices..... ONLY WE DO, and if we say screw you, you traitor, what are they gonna do???? Absolutely nothing, and when the time comes that they issue these treasonous orders the plan is simple, we don't obey and we place the traitors under arrest, end of story.

I stand for the Constitution, I serve the Republic and I won't obey any unlawful or traitorous order!


Anonymous said...

thank you, thank you, thank you.

You Oath Keepers are true patriots.

The civilians of the USA are very concerned
about this issue of our own military being
used against us.

Please continue to discuss this issue with all of your military and police force friends, we
appreciate you for doing so.

Appreciative Citizen and Patriot

Kevin Z said...

Glad to have you here.

Anonymous said...

God bless you, young man! Many years ago, I took an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States. As far as I'm concerned, I am still bhound by that oath. The puppet masters cannot succeed in their attempts to convert our country to a totalitarian state if the military and law enforcement keeps their oaths. I hope your fellow officers agree with you.

Danny Vestal said...

Our corrupt government and media have misled our military and citizens (as Hitler misled the German people). Our military and citizens don't know the wars they are fighting are illegal according to US and International law. Obama, Gates, Congress are making the military into War Criminals. Obama, Gates, Bush, Congress, etc. are War Criminals - treasonous, murderous fascists, have been for years!

The military needs to be informed and file 138's and lawsuits on Obama, Gates and Congress, etc.

Thank you,
Danny Vestal

Anonymous said...

I'm not afraid of anything and I know they are.

I had an illegal Israeli Mossad British Zionist hit team on my property one time and did not allow them inside, yet I had a weapon prepared to kill all of them.

I instructed the police to watch out for any of these people and they did, and they chased them out of the city I believe. (Thank god.)

I must admit it was a bit jeery but I was not afraid.

Now I have an understanding of the law and a knowledge, I can get kangaroo cases against me dismissed in court & get others to see my point of view.

I believe through the natural skills I have collected, they will be unable to use any police force against me yet still they will try to intimidate everyone.

I believe if we understand what these sinister people are really doing, they will become afraid of us and more so they will run.

But if we are blind to them or ignorant of them, they will turn the truth and twist it by deception - their greatest real threat or tactic in the end.

And my fear is some in the law community will be very ignorant of them and end up carrying out their orders without knowing it, thus we will all have to protect ourselves.

Yes we may have to fight back however, if they are forced to bring in brute mercenaries to try to accomplish sheer madness then we will win because despite our more spread numbers we are a majority....and we despite any corruption problems of our past, are more honest and more brave then they are.

Ben said...

When you ignorantly include "Freemasons" in your list of conspirators, you insult many honorable men, including veterans of World War Two, Korea, Vietnam & Desert Storm as well as State Police & local officers.

At the same time, you insult President George Washington and several signers of the Declaration of Independence & men who helped create the Constitution.

While the Masonic Fraternity is apolitical, Washington, Revere, and other brothers were leaders in the revolution and founding of our republic. The Fraternity values life, liberty, and free exchange of ideas; it rejects tyranny.

Let anyone who doubts this observe a Masonic funeral service or a public installation of officers and see the truth for themselves.

firewoodman64 said...

I swore to the same oath in 1986 and 10y 11m and 20d after along with 12 yrs. as LEO I still stand by it. I will not stand by and let a bunch on non-believing, treehugging, yardape americans take my freedom without a fight. You keep on believing in that Deputy and all others. I will put my faith in you before the DC folks.

CorbinKale said...

I appreciate your stand. Thank you for speaking out, and honoring your Oath.

"I wont obey any order that violates the rights and protection given to my fellow Americans by our Constitution even if the penalty for not obeying is death."

I must point out that the Founders made it very clear that our Rights are endowed by our Creator, and governments are instituted to secure those Rights. The Constitution does not give Rights, but enshrines and protects them.

Dedicated_Dad said...

I'd like to join Ben in his correct chastisement of the unwarranted attack on Freemasons. As a Masonic scholar, I can assure you of a few things: (1) assure you that all the negative nonsense laid out at the "anti-mason" sites is pure balderdash. There is not a more benign, benificent organization on our planet than this - and it's full of good, moral, patriotic men.

Having studied Masonic philosophy, I can tell you that no better example of such exists than our Declaration of Independence and Constitution.

Knowing what I do, and knowing how many of our Founders were my Brothers, you can believe me when I say that those documents were born of the philosophy of Masonry - the Fatherhood of G*d and the Brotherhood of Man.

Further, for those who may fear otherwise, Masonry has in no way diminished my Christian beliefs, but has augmented and strengthened them. Like any and all men who have tried to learn what the Fraternity has to teach, it's made me a better man, a better Citizen, and a better Christian.

The attacks on Freemasonry and Masons in general are born either of ignorance, or misinformation. I'm sure many are VICTIMS of misinformation, but many others are deliberate agitators, seeking to destroy one of the most ancient, honorable, and patriotic organizations in our great nation. I welcome contact from anyone who would like to know more!

God save our Republic!


Dedicated_Dad said...

I must add one more thing: In the past, some men - who happened to be Masons - have done some bad things. Their behavior was that of bad men - not of Masons. To blame Masonry for their ills is ridiculous.

Further, there is nothing to stop any person or group from calling themselves "Masons" - within Masonry, those illegitimate groups are known as "clandestine" or "illegitimate."

They could just as easily call themselves "Christians" but that certainly does not mean that they are.

God save our Republic!


Sky Cop said...

There are many in this nation that are affiliated with groups, but have not sacrificed their beliefs for those groups. Either way, We Patriots know the difference and will not stand for any violations the People's Constitutional Rights!!
God Speed

Anonymous said...

I am a loadmaster and have become disabled. I really miss the Hercules. Best aircraft in the Air Force. I love my country and the
constitution. Until I started researching about 5 years ago I thought we were a free nation. Boy was I wrong. Prior to
flying I was teaching at the NCO academy. One of my favorite statements to students was “Ask yourself questions”. Especially
in regards to “When does your oath of enlistment end?” or in regards to
lawful versus unlawful orders….hmmm

I made a promise to the constitution to protect and defend it and
the people of the United States against all enemies both foreign and domestic! I promised this to God. Therefore my oath is a
permanent and lifelong contract with Him.

I’ve been asking myself for a long time why God allowed my knees to go out so many
times which resulted in coming home and now going through a medical board which will either grant or not my medical retirement. Why couldn’t the knees last longer? When I saw the oath keepers site, I knew instantly that this is the reason.

“These are the times that try men’s souls” I join you with a heavy heart. I will keep my oath. When the time comes I will stand. There are much worse things than dying. A bunch of quotes are rushing through my brain at the speed which the military has taught me to think.

“Freedom isn’t free”

“Veterans preserve our rights, not politicians”

“Politicians create taxes; riders on bills; take away parental rights; etc..

“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America”

“Then there is the American Flag and the POW flag flying in a little place in Spokane, Washington just off of Rambo Drive. If you know what I’m talking about, then you know just how damn beautiful it looks when you turn around and see it is raised.

All of the things I’ve been taught to love about the constitution, our
country, my family (Whole Family is/has been military) are being tarnished by the politicians in office. Not all but the exceptions prove the rule.
What other than a bunch of greedy, immoral, treasonous, self-serving idiots would
give themselves a raise while the nation is under severe economic crisis. In addition they took tax dollars and gave them to AIG to protect their own retirement benefits. It is time for them to be ridden out of DC, tarred and feathered to the embarrasement of they and their ilk!

God Bless America!

CaptGooch said...

I am going to come in on the side of the two Masons that have posted here. {Ben and Dedicated Dad]

I would like to take a second and remind everyone that we are not here to tear down anyone or anything.

We are here to reaffirm our sworn Oath to defend the Constitution, the Bill of Rights thereby and the People of these United States.
In the Hope that a public airing of our intention to Obey Our Oath not any unlawful orders will spur the military and Peace Officer communities to join us and thereby reduce the chance of a tyrant using our own military against us.

None of the above requires "tearing down" or labeling any group, organization or person.

Let us remember we are Oath Keepers not an unruly mob.

To Anonymous Loadmaster,
My father
[Major Gene W. Gooch, USAF Deceased ]
would have argued that point with you.
His favorite aircraft was the DC3 or C47 which he flew with distinction on 421 combat missions in the CBI theater in WWII.
He retired as a major and had won [earned] 23 decorations including the DFC 3 times and the DSC 3 times.

All of the "Best of" argument aside let me Welcome you and say Thank You for Your Service.

Let us get out the word and turn this ship around before she steams up on the rocks of tyranny.

All the Best,


"Not On Our Watch"