Monday, March 16, 2009

Testimony of a Navy Veteran

I enlisted in the United States Navy July 1973 as a three by three service and re-enlisted just after two and half years with a total of 6 years and 7 months active duty.

Over the years I have been telling people throughout my walk in life that I was never released from the oath I took. In fact I believe my obligation began at a much younger age. While I attended school I pledged each day allegiance to the flag. My raising was this that we first honor God, then Country and then Family.

Right now my life is not going so good, but God is still there as he always has been, I still live in the greatest country on the planet. In fact my ancestors fought like hell to get here and my grandchildren intend on staying. Plus I have my brothers and sisters in arms that is you folks out there.

I recently went to a Glen Beck viewing party the We surrounded them viewing in that room filled with over 130 American patriots we swore that we are taking back our country. I also stand with the Gathering of Eagles and no man will ever take that away from me. I live free or die fighting to do so and I know I am not alone.

My brothers both served one Marine, one Army one is gone and one buried his son in Arlington.

You have my solemn promise that I still stand by that oath and that pledge. As things get better for me and my family we will contribute.

God Bless America and my fellow brothers and sisters in arms. Together we will teach the next generation of Oath Keepers and this great nation will be here clean and honest when God returns to set up his new Earth and new Heaven. I am an Oath Keeper by choice and will die defending that and you if need be God Bless.

Fair Winds and Following Seas to all,
Michael J. Walkerwicz, USN (ret) Oath Keeper


Kevin L Zanni said...

Please let me know if you received my oath, if not I will resend I can be reached at (503)861-6032 or

Thank You

Stewart Rhodes said...


Email sent.

Anonymous said...

God bless you for your service. My prayers are with you, sir!

Clayton said...

This is a post I made on MySpace I would like to share with you. Enjoy !

Lets review:

September 11th 2001, Life as usual was going on when all of the sudden We were (Apparently) attacked. We were in total shock. We questioned our safety, our lives, our choices, & our god.
Asking how & why did this happen ?

A few days later We were given a convenient excuse. Terrorists hated our freedom so they attacked us. As stupid as that sounds Many of us fell for it.

The president pushes The patriot act on us in order to “Protect us”.

We go to war, We lose lives & people begin to question the story as we see We are only going after oil rich country's that We didn't have influence over before.

Questions about 9/11 become more prevalent & Patriot Act II is enacted. Suddenly We are being wiretapped to “Prevent” Terrorists from communicating with each other & shortly there after We attack Iraq.

A few weeks into the war Saddam Hussein is captured. We celebrate & watch the news of his trial play out But we are never relieved ANY of his testimony. Only Damning tidbits chosen to fuel the propaganda machine in the US media.

Mission accomplished is declared & yet our soldiers are still over seas being slaughtered & those who survive are suffering major health effects due the the depleted uranium rounds they are forced to use.

In this time bush has won re election. WHY ? Because of a suspect election. The people are growing more discontented. After Multiple cover ups & damning evidence is presented to prove the guilt of the entire Bush administration His cronies refuse to answer government subpoenas.

Bailouts begin !

The people protest in massive demonstrations, Write to congress in an overwhelming 98% opposition to the bailouts. But our outrage is ignored & a bigger bill gets passed instead through an illegal act by Bypassing congress first & going strait to the senate.

The anger of the American people continues to grow.

Suddenly American's are terror suspects ! Americans who simply want justice. Americans who simply believe in the constitution. Americans like You & I.

How did We get to this point ? Why is it that a bill that was supposed to be intended to help us has hurt us more than any terrorist organization ever could ?

And I ask. How did We get here ? But I think the more logical question is this.
Who exactly are We terrorizing ? Surely Not each other ! As I remember it “We were the victims of a terrorist act” Were we not ?

But thats not all folks.

The globalist puppet Obama gets “Voted” in while Ron Paul who should have Obviously Nailed the republican nomination gets ousted. Again more outrage is being felt By the American people.

No sooner than Obama swearing in He breaks all of his campaign promises.
( Big shock I know ! Who didn't see that coming ? )

since that time We have had 2 more bailout bills that our so called representatives have not read & once again gave into due to pressure.

Now We are being told that our only solution is a one world currency & a one world government. This in a place where we take large corporations to court over anti trust laws. We loath large corporations that use their power to crush competition.

I always hear people say “If you don't like it here in America, Pack your shit up & move to another country !”

I say to these brainwashed saps.
“Where will be left to go when the bankers own it all ?”

I say to you folks.
Who are the terrorists ? Is it you & I ? Or are the terrorists at the helm in Washington DC ?

Does it make me a terrorist to ask these questions ?

Well some unethical, illegal, piece of legislation in DC says is does. But I say.

That piece of paper isn't worth wiping my ass with !

So if it makes me a terrorist to believe I am free & can live My own life & make My own choices, call me a Proud American Terrorist !