Thursday, March 12, 2009

Testimonial by Marine Corps Vietnam Combat Veteran Who Took the Oath in '65

In June 1965 I took my military oath, I feel as strongly about that oath today as I did those many long years ago.

No. That is incorrect. I
feel much stronger about it today.

It is nice to know that I and a few like me are not alone in our
beliefs. We only want our government to go back to what the founders provided us with. We would prefer that it does not become an armed conflict but, it appears that may be our only avenue. It is a blessing that so many states are proclaiming there tenth amendment rights. I hope and pray that enough states do this and then band together and tell the federal government that the party is over and to get the hell out.

If it comes to a fight I will not run and hide, I will stand and fight
as I did years ago in southeast Asia.

If nothing else we owe it to our
comrades in arms who died fighting for our flag. I live in Tennessee and I am very actively involved in 2nd amendment issues and lately tenth amendment issues. I write letters all the time stressing what I want our state politicians to support and why.

Please count me as one of you for I am. Anything I can do please feel free to ask, Before I die I would like to see The Republic of the United States of America once again become what the founders gave us. At the very least I would rather die fighting for our Republic than become a slave to a socialist form of government.


Ronald R Hansen USMC Retired

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Rod. S said...

Thank you. My new morning routine now includes reading today's testimonials.