Thursday, March 12, 2009

Testimony of an Active Duty Navy Corpsman With Third Battalion, 14th Marines

Hello all:

I am third class Petty Officer DeVito , William L., a Navy Corpsman with the third Battalion 14th Marines. My service to my country was always based on the tradition of my father and my grandfather's, of the defense of the people of the united states, the constitution and the REPUBLIC for which it stands.

Somewhere along the way, our country has lost its values and abandoned its identity as a whole. The freedom that this country stood for is in decline, and it will take extra-ordinary men and women, to restore those ideals, and solidify them as our fore fathers did.

I am not a politician, don't really care for politics, but I do feel obligated to mention a champion of the ideals of the REPUBLIC.......Ron Paul, the Congressman from Texas. His ideals coincide with my own, which are based on the promotion and defense of the constitution.

One of the very best things we can do is support men and women with his ideals, whom truly represent and promote our best interests.

Oath keepers, and organizations like it, are great ways for us to become unified.

Unity, brotherhood, discipline in this cause, is the only way we can march toward a bright future for our children, and the survival of our ideals of freedom and equality, and the whole of the REPUBLIC.

God bless
Thank you
Petty Officer DeVito


Some of the bravest men on the battlefield are the corpsmen and medics who so very often ignore enemy fire to do their best to save lives and to comfort the fallen. Their devotion to the men they care for is legendary and it is no accident that so many of them have been awarded the Medal of Honor.


Vet said...

Why were the Oath Keepers silent as the Supreme Court allowed warrantless wiretapping of Americans under Bush and obsolescence of the 4th and 5th amendments with Herring v United States? Your oath 2. was destroyed years ago and you didn't say 1 word.

Stewart Rhodes said...

Vet, exactly how do you know we didn't say 1 word? Do you know us? Or are you just presuming that, because this blog is only a week old?

As for me, Stewart Rhodes, I said quite a bit more than "1 word" about the assaults on the Bill of Rights during the Bush Admin. Go here and read:

I founded this organization because I have been concerned for years with the dangerous expansion of executive power, the erosion of the Bill of Rights, and the looming prospects of martial law in America. This project was already being formed before the elections. it did not matter who won, us Oath Keepers were going to be active regardless.

But apparently you just can't see, or think, past your own partisan views.

Seditious Blasphemer said...

In the second paragraph of Petty Officer DeVito's writing, I want to point out that when he writes, "Somewhere along the way, our country has lost its values and abandoned its identity as a whole"... that "somewhere along the way" he refers to is the point in our history when the United Stated ceased to operate as a Country and, (without the consent of it's people I must add) was transformed into a corporation by the Central Bank(s).