Friday, March 13, 2009

Testimonial of Vietnam Combat Veteran with 1st Cavalry Div. and Police Officer

1st Cavalry Div. "Sky-troopers" - "Firsts"!

To Oath Keepers and to those who oppose them:

My name is JT Day. I am a third generation war veteran. My grandfather fought in WW I, My father in WW II, I fought with the 1st Cavalry Div. in Vietnam (and spent 5 years on active duty).
My son is a fourth generation combat veteran and career soldier.

After I left military service, I went into Law Enforcement where I served for about 30 years. I took the oath in January 1966, and since have lived up to it to the best of my ability. Of course, mistakes were and are made. This is the nature of man.

If you challenge the principles of freedom under the rule of law -the Constitution, you are a traitor and do not deserve to enjoy the freedoms the constitution provides for us. If you are one who is critical of the philosophy expressed herein, find another website more to your liking and go there. We cannot convince you of the rightness of this cause. that is for you to do through study, honesty and prayer. If you can't swear to uphold the Constitution, then you are either hopelessly naive, stupid or evil.

I expect that we will win this test of wills and strength, but some of us may fall. We will ultimately prevail because despite the current state of affairs, we are right-and those who would tear up the constitution are wrong. No nation on earth has been taken by force of arms when it had an armed citizenry.

To those who find fault with one or another of the positions taken by Oath Keepers, I say fine. But when it comes time to defend the CONSTITUTION of the Unites States, shut up and honor your oath.

It is far better to die on your feet leaning into the battle than to die on your knees as a slave.

Μολὼν λάβε


Stewart Rhodes said...

Mr. Day, that was a truly powerful testimonial. Very well said. Thank you!

Please email me directly at

We very much need older combat veterans like you to teach these young bucks what it means to fulfill their oaths, and what it is they defend. A few words from you carries great moral force. And the same goes for reaching your brother officers.

We have some planned outreach efforts that we would be honored to have you involved with if you are willing. Please email me.

Stewart Rhodes

Stewart Rhodes said...

PS - by the way, we will add the 1st Cavalry Div. patch to our next video, in the honor roll of guardians of the Republic, where it most certainly belongs.

Anonymous said...

Though I be the last, I will never surrender!
If taken captive whilst incapicitated, woe unto the SOB or B I first get to encounter, biting,scratching, gouging, spitting, whatever it takes, whatever I can.


Jyrell D. Shedd Sr

Marion Valentine said...

I posted a link to Oath keepers on my site.
Got 237 hits on it today, only one comment though. but that comment read. "Thank God"

jorgie49 said...

I am also a third generation Combat Veteran, My Grandpa was in WW1 My dad was an F.O. in Patton's Army, I was with the First Cav, 8th Combat Engineers (Air Mobile),1968-1970, mostly in Phouc Phin, we built Fire Bases mostly, but in this one area where we put in a air strip for Carabous and C130's + Fire Base(I am not sure how to spell it), Boo Dop is how it sounded, there was a sign at our CP that said "There is an essence to life the protected will never know".
I am finding that saying to be quite poignant these days. Glad you made it back O.K. I was 18 when I went,20 when I got out, Now when I look at my 19 year old son I cringe to think how a person of that age could handle that sort of thing. Platoon is the closest thing I have seen that depicts what it was like, except we had better fields of fire, never any trees in the middle of a fire base. In the end of the movie when the helicopter was flying away and they were throwing body's into a bomb crater and a bull dozer was filling it in, that would have been me on the dozer. So to make a short story long, I am so with you on the importance of protecting the Constitution, A perfect document when left in its original state, maybe dangerous when tampered with, so rare that all the forces and powers that be could come along and produce such a remarkable document,after thousands of years of people trying to perfect a free society. It has been bought and paid for with generations of blood, sweat, tears and ultimate sacrafice, it would be a abomination of our faith in God and our Honor as a people to ever let any one or thing defile what we as a people pass down from generation to generation as the ultimate gift of life to our children and future generations. Life would become meaningless without it, That is why as a fighting force we have the advantage in all battles, we have more to lose while the other side has so little to fight for. I do solemnly swear to defend the Constitution of the United states of America and all it stands for so help me God. You better listen up Politicians, you have ventured on to thin ice and are flirting with death. The Constitution has given me the legal right to do what ever I must do to defend it against all who would tamper with it's original meaning and intent, and I will.

erniesjourney said...

Praise God! Thank you! I am a military wife and my husband certainly does know what is going on and he feels alone. He loved this site! I felt a sense of pride to be an American again when I read your site and what you stand for - freedom.I have a blog and posted a link to your site! Thank you for your service - all of you out there in the military and in law enforcement. Nice to know that many will stand with us in this fight against tyranny. We are a group of preppers trying in our way to spread the word and prepare the people. American Preppers Network and I am indianaprepper. Thank you again and God Bless you all.

Excubitoris said...

Anonymous said...

Bravo to everyone who has sworn an oath to defend the constitution of the United States. The Shelby County Tea Party and Rainy Day Patriots whole-heartedly support you, and we hope you will join with us in our efforts to make a noise at

Xenus said...

this is brilliant! i fully support The Constitution, all that gave everything to have it see another day, and all who died under false pretense of its upholdment. They have not passed in vain.

Vance said...

Thanks to everyone here that believes in what is right.
The Constitution of this Country is Right.
I do not need the USA to be a Nanny State.
But I do need our Country to be strong and able to protect herself against these foriegn invaders.

Thanks Vance Phoenix AZ
veiw my blog