Friday, March 13, 2009

Testimonial From Veteran of the 82nd Airborne and the SC National Guard

Fellow Oath Keepers:

I am Jyrell David Shedd Sr., 44y/o W/M who loves GOD, Family and Country (Mine is SC).

I am a Veteran of the 82nd Airborne Division 1/325 PIR where I served as an 11B and the SC National Guard 122nd Engineer BN (Combat) where I served as a 12 B Team Leader.

I am a Veteran of the Volunteer Fire Service -27 years, Retired EMT, Graduate of the SC Criminal Justice Academy and also am an Amatuer Radio Operator serving the public in times of emergency.

I took my oath of service in 1982 at 17 YOA. I did not not think about it then, just wanted to serve and do the right thing.Airborne! All the Way! "America's Guard of Honor."

Even then I already had an innate sense that something was amiss in our military. Now after many years of study and experience I see the "Clear and Present Danger" is a Federal Government that has been overtaken by the true enemy of freedom, and is poised to strike at the heart of our beloved Republic.

My oath was sworn to the American People (Not the U.N. or world) before GOD and it will be fulfilled.

'The enemy is inside the wire.'
Jyrell D. Shedd Sr.


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Stewart Rhodes said...

Yes indeed, Airborne! HOOAH brother! I was a volunteer fire fighter too, in a small town in Montana. Just can't get it out of our blood, can we?

God bless you, and thank you for stepping up. Please spread the word among your buddies. We will take out country back by taking our troops back, winning hearts and minds one at a time.


Anonymous said...

Whoaaah, I'm with you all the way Airborne. 1985-1989 82nd (313thMI)

Stewart Rhodes said...

"Whoaaah, I'm with you all the way Airborne. 1985-1989 82nd (313thMI)"

Anon, please submit a testimonial - you can even do it here anonymously, if you want, or email it in to us at

Anonymous said...

God bless you all
I was never in the military due to a spinal defect. However I am a patriot and I too have sworn to God to protect and defend the constitution and America. My father was a Chief Warrant Officer, NAVY in WWII 22 years of service, My uncle was in Pattons armored divison and served in Europ untill his tank took a German 88, he survived but passed away two years ago. My brother was in 11th ACR in Nam "Find the bastards and pile on!"
I thank God that you all are keeping watch and I will stand with you proudly. God bless America and our Republic.

Coalsmoke said...

I was retired in 1988 due to contracting Leukemia, from the US Army, after serving 8 years as a medic and jump master in the 82nd Airborne. I did go through SF training but didnt complete it. My brother (we adopted each other in the military) is a internationally respected Gang expert and a FBI trained forensic artist.
The link to this site was sent to my wife by a friend who we were talking to the other night about the possibility of having our guns taken from us. I assured her that any real soldier would tell anyone giving that kind of order,"not no but HELL NO SIR!"
I'm currently involved with a new Search and Recovery volunteer group for tracking down missing people, some just missing some missing for quite some time. The attack on our constitution is not just National it is in every city and county government; protecting illegal aliens, utilizing imminent domain, rezoning to suit special interest and large campaign donors. Every level of politician, activist, and elitist snob needs to be put on notice that this kinda crap has got to stop.

Anonymous said...

I was in 82nd airborne and 18th infantry. All the way, baby. Stand up, hook up and stand in the door. Just call me Rosie.

Anonymous said...

11b 1/325 air from SC too! The nwo doesn't stand a chance if the LGOP's around this country pick up the call! Airborne, all the way, everyday!!

Heather said...

Enough is enough. Politicians have become government of the Special Interests, by the Special Interests, and for the Special Interests. The only branch of government with any integrity left is our military. God bless the brave men and women who protect, and will continue to protect, our freedoms.

VinBea said...

Sure, I'll throw my hat in the ring...

After listening to the interview on the Alex Jones show (and reading other of the posts here), I could not agree more in the feeling I have about the oath I took back in 1983 to 1987 (where and when it was I served with the 2/505th) - and that the oath I took to defend the Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic means every bit as much to me today as it was when I took it then.

It's obvious oaths we take don't seem to make much difference to folks like Obama or Bush (they have that luxury) along with the people they associate with; but it means what it says and says what it means to me.

God's blessing on our Constitutional Republic and our one nation under God as what our founders gave us!

Vince Beauclair