Friday, March 27, 2009

Now it's your turn, join us.


eleanor said...

Where can I get information--how many of you are there? How strong are you? Are you opposed by other
members of the military? You promise
to NOT DO certain actions. what will you DO if other parties commit these actions against citizens?

Are you currently just moving along quietly, or do you want to "go public" before the people with who you are and what you are for?

Thank you for existing.

CorbinKale said...

I can only speak for myself. I do not recognize the authority of the Federal government to pass unconstitutional laws. In accordance with my Oath, I refuse to comply with such unconstitutional legislation. In the event the government sends armed men to force compliance or imprison me, I will meet that force with appropriate force. If I survive, then I go after the treasonous bastards that sent armed men to my door. There will be no war unless they start the war. With this philosophy, I hope to provide the credible 'or else' to our demands that the government respect the Constitution.

If the government begins attacking citizens, I will sadly acknowledge that my fears were well founded and join the fight. I pray that my brothers and sisters in uniform will, likewise, honor their Oaths.

If this movement achieves critical mass, we may have a chance to avert disaster. Although, I have a sinking feeling that the impending disaster may be intentional, in order to subordinate the Constitution to some higher authority, like the UN.

Interesting times, huh?

CaptGooch said...

Well Said CorbinKale.

Hello and Welcome Eleanor,

I, too, intend no aggression to any person, group or organization. At the same time I reserve the inherent God Given Right to defend my life, Family, property, community and country against all aggression with deadly force if necessary.
[This is a direct application of the NAP or ZAP. The Non Aggression OR Zero Aggression Principle.]

Likewise I intend no animosity or ill will to anyone save those who would attempt to violate the Constitution of the United States of America.
Beyond my own defense, I have sworn upon My Life, my Fortune and my Scared Honor to defend the Constitution.

I am Hopeful that the Public expression by the multitude of We the Oath Keepers to not obey any unconstitutional orders and to resist any and all who attempt to implement those orders will give those who might envision just such an opportunity the chance to abandon those plans in peace.

I seem to be rambling BUT I do hope that I have answered your question.

Thank you for visiting our website.