Thursday, March 26, 2009

GySgt, USMC Knows His Oath Has No Expiration Date

Dear Oath Keepers,

When I was allowed to join the Boy Scouts at age ten, I was taught the principles of the program before I was asked to take the Scout oath for the first time. I was hesitant to take it, because I had been raised an atheist, and didn't want to take an oath to a God I didn't believe in, however, I was willing to take that oath, by telling myself I was young and could well be wrong, and I really wanted to participate as a Boy Scout.

Eight years later, having achieved Life Scout, fallen short of Eagle for lack of courage to lead a community works project, I enlisted in the Marine Corps for the purpose of going to Vietnam and stopping the wanton killing I had witnessed every night for most of those ensuing years.

I never got to Vietnam, the war was over, however I found the Corps to be the embodiment of honor, commitment, truth, personal values, and the willingness to die rather than fail. In short, I was inspired as never before, and I served until I was force to retire due to medical conditions, brought on by the gulf war.

I swore my oath to "Support and Defend The Constitution of The United States against all enemies, foreign or domestic, and to bear true faith and allegiance to the same". I swore that oath before the God of Creation, who I have found to be real, to be sovereign, and to be the foundation of our Nation as well as the inspiration for it.

God has not told me that my oath is finished and no longer needed, and there was no expiration date on it, any of the times I re-affirmed my fealty to the Constitution. As I see it, I am bound to uphold my word to the death, or I am not worthy of it.

I will not fail in this, I will not abrogate the Constitution to make politicians happy and I will not accept others doing so. I will serve notice on such enemies of it as I find, and I will protect my Constitution even if I have to kill others to do so.

I will die happy if it is in defense of the principles this Nation was established upon, and will die knowing I did my job as a Marine. If my government is the enemy of the Constitution, then so be it, I will fight all enemies, both foreign and domestic, and I will give no quarter to any who would attack it, and thus attack our actual Nation, not the one we live beneath right now.
This Nation is not the government, the infrastructure, the cities or towns, or even the States. This Nation is the sovereign citizens who are legally here, and thus "sovereign" according to our Constitution and the National Charter, The Declaration of Independence. It is the people and their sovereignty I swore to protect and defend, not the government, not the brick and mortar of our cities, nor even the States themselves, but only the source of all legitimate government authority: the sovereign people whose contract between themselves is our Constitution.

John McClain
GySgt, USMC, ret.
Vanceboro, NC


CorbinKale said...

Thank you, John. Every additional voice sworn to support and defend the Constitution strikes fear into the hearts of our domestic enemies.

Dave Freeman said...


I'm so glad that you chose to be part of our Oath Keeper organization; you epitomize what a true Oath Keeper is in our mind. Your personal testimony is one of the most powerful and eloquent that I have seen to date; we salute you.

Hulagu Khan said...

Proud to stand with you gunny.

Dusty L. England said...

You sir brought tears to my eyes and choked me up. Your words are so eloquently stated. I too share your commitment to this nation and its constitution. I would be proud to stand beside you and die with you.

CaptGooch said...

Whoa Dusty .... What's all this "die with you" stuff ?

I have just met the man BUT I would wager that Gunny McClain is planning on the other guys doing the dying.
Right Gunny ? ;) :Big Grin:

I too was touched by your testimonial Gunny.
Thank You for your Service.

I salute you Sir.