Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Air Force Veteran

A debt of gratitude is owed to all who have served,I am the son of a deceased army ranger, What is it going to Be Freedom or Fascism Fascism is a radical, authoritarian nationalist ideology that aims to create a single-party state with a government led by a dictator who seeks national unity and development by requiring individuals to subordinate self-interest to the collective interest of the nation.

Oathkeepers, I served in the USAF and got out on a General Discharge under Honorable Conditions because an ex-Marine retread didn't follow orders and he blamed me for getting caught. I'll never trust authority again.

But nonetheless, I swore an oath to uphold and defend the United States from all enemies foreign and domestic, and I have never been released from that oath --nor would I accept any release if I had. I'm with you all the way.

I'll help any way I can.


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the awakening!
"General under Honorable" means they knew you were right and going to be a pain in their Ass. Gave you a Pass Go card to shut ya up.


Anonymous said...

Tuesday, 17 March 2009

To Mr. Barack Obama

Via: U.S Attorney Russell Dedrick, and Assistant U.S. Attorney Edward Schmutzer, Eastern District, Tennessee and Ass

From: Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, United States Navy Retired

Distribution: Wide


I have observed and extensively recorded invidious attacks by military-political aristocrats against the Constitution for twenty years.

Now you have broken in and entered the White House by force of contrivance, concealment, conceit, dissembling, and deceit. Posing as an impostor president and commander in chief you have stripped civilian command and control over the military establishment. Known military criminal actors—command racketeers—are now free in the exercise of military government intent upon destruction of America’s constitutional government.

Free from constitutional restraint, and following your criminal example, military commanders deployed U.S. Army active duty combat troops into the small civilian community of Samson, Alabama last week in a demonstration of their newly received despotic, domestic police power.

We come now to this reckoning. I accuse you and your military-political criminal assistants of TREASON. I name you and your military criminal associates as traitors. Your criminal ascension manifests a clear and present danger. You fundamentally changed our form of government. The Constitution no longer works.

Confident holding your silent agreement and admission, I identify you as a foreign born domestic enemy.

My sworn duty Mr. Obama is to stand against what you stand for. You are not my president. You are not my commander in chief.

Obedient to the Constitution in submission of this criminal accusation I remain steadfast, and

Born fighting,
/s/ (notarized)
Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III
United States Naval Academy, Class of 1975
Posted this date via priority, certified mail#: 7008 3230 0003 1463 3346
Labels: Article II, Attainder court-martial, Attainder courts-martial, Barack Hussein Obama, The Constitution, TREASON, U.S. Attorney, U.S. Constitution

Anonymous said...

You and the organization which you represent have my full respect. Everyone should read this and thank you for your announcement to
protect our Constitution and the rights our founders passed down to
us. The public will eventually learn they have made a serious mistake
in selecting politicians who are fraud and drive them from office.
Hopefully, the new batch will be true representatives of the people and
stay in office long enough put teeth in the laws to force their honesty.
Special perks after retirement should not be permitted.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Sir for your Patriotic action. I do not think that this Country as it used to be will make it until 2012.

Anonymous said...

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