Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Our New Site Is Almost Ready!

As the New Year 2015 gets underway, we are all awaiting anxiously for Oath Keepers’ new site to go online, and I’m told that it’s very close now.  It has been a huge project. We apologize for the length of time the site has been down. The good news is that the new site is beautiful. It will have a totally new “look”, and we think all members will be proud of it. More good news is that the site will be much easier to navigate for all newcomers and regular users alike.  When the public comes to our new site anyone will be able to quickly find whatever one is looking for.  There will be new sections and material, including an easy way to connect with Oath Keepers in your State or area, a new CPT section, and an “Oath Keepers Academy” which will define the Oath Keepers vision and mission.  Thank you all for your patience. The site will be online very soon now.

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