Monday, May 11, 2009

Oath Keepers on the Inside: Testimonial from Officer Within the Department of Homeland Security

Oath Keepers Among Them! How bout that? They took the same oath we did.

I am a law enforcement officer and have worked in numerous law enforcement agencies in the last many years beginning with the military. I have taken my oath to this country many times. I have also realized that we have had many "domestic enemies" over the years.

It was recently asked of me because of my current position, what I was going to do if the federal government begins to make illegal moves against its citizenry. Its something that all law enforcement must ask themselves. I do know the difference between a "lawful order" and an "unlawful order."

Finding this site with your videos and reading your mission statement goes along with what I've been feeling for some time. I anticipate that many states will take the appropriate action as outlined in the 10th Amendment. Until then, we wait for "the unforgiveable line to be crossed."

I'm in a more precarious position than some of the other law enforcement officers as I work for the Department of Homeland Security. That is why I must remain anonymous. Know that there are many like us that believe that the Constitution is the supreme law of the land and we'll do whatever it takes to insure it remains intact.

Anonymous DHS officer


To the anonymous DHS officer: Thank you sir! It is good to hear additional confirmation that there are many federal officers who do see the dangerous road we are now on, who understand how our Republic is being subverted from within the government, who remember their oath, and who do have their personal lines in the sand figured out. As word about Oath Keepers spreads, we are hearing from more and more federal officers all the time.

To our readers: Some of you may be tempted to be hard on this anonymous officer from within DHS. for example, you might think DHS itself is unconstitutional and this officer should just resign (as I slyly suggested the agents of the BATFE should do during my speach at Lexington). I advise you to hold your fire.

First of all, remember that DHS swallowed up many other agencies and there were many lateral transfers. For example, one of my best friends started out as a border patrol agent, then moved to U.S. Customs on the border, and then that was absorbed into I.C.E. so now he officially works for I.C.E. though he is still a customs agent. So, who can say how this man ended up in DHS.

Secondly, the restoration of our Constitutional Republic will take time and will not take place overnight. Please don't make a mistake similar to one that many libertarian idealists make of wanting to run around condemning everyone who is in government employment (suggesting that all police and military service members should just resign). Whatever you think of any given federal agency or federal "law enforcement" position, it is obviously good to have officers who do see there is a problem and who are willing to take a stand on some very important lines in the sand.

Remember, our declaration of orders we will not obey is meant to prevent the very worst from happening, so we will not have a full-blown dictatorship in this country and can right things by means of peaceful reform. That is the whole point of Oath Keepers. We are in constitutional triage. That's why our declaration does not include statements that such and such agency should not exist, or go into minutia of the many thousands of unconstitutional government laws and actions. Let's focus on the really big stuff - the stuff that could lead to another Revolution. Let's focus on making that unnecessary so we can have a peaceful restoration. This officer is letting us know he and others within DHS have lines they will not cross. That is damn good to know!

Third, it's men like this on the inside who can and do provide information to expose what is going on. The MIAC report was leaked by a Missouri police officer who happened to be a Ron Paul supporter and was ticked about being labeled a potential terrorist. And I have it on good information that both the DHS report that smeared veterans and the DHS Extremist Lexicon were leaked by a federal officer who was outraged at their contents. Such men deserve our thanks.

And I suspect we will be hearing from many more federal officers now that the elites are smearing veterans en mass as potential "terrorists" and "extremists" and now that just about anyone with even mildly conservative or libertarian views is likewise being added to the lists of potential enemies of the elite - er, I mean the state. The more citizens they try to smear and marginalize, the more military and police will have their eyes opened.

And besides, now we can add a DHS patch to our display of patches that shows that there are "Oath Keepers among them." That ought to get a few panties in a wad. Good fun!

Stewart Rhodes


Opus #6 said...

Love it, love it, LOVE it! You guys are the best! This American is so grateful for all of you.

TheMouse said...

Two weekends ago, I was the photographer of choice for a couple, to take wedding photos and photos of their family and reception afterward. The Groom was a federal DHS agent, as were some of the guests at the wedding. I had a chance to tell them about Oath-Keepers and nothing would please me more than to learn that my contact with these men bears fruit !! We need to keep telling all LEO's, no matter what their "branch" or scope or service, about Oath-Keepers ... same goes for telling our military AND our county judges and attorneys. We need to plant seeds and leave it to God to have those seed bear fruit. Oath-Keepers are seed sowers !! Never forget it !!

Kevin Kehoe said...

Unfortunately it's very bad if he is true.

I don't like waiting for the inevitable line they will cross.

Either way we know force is inevitable and that is what they are preparing for.

Anonymous said...

I am so happy to see this, I thought they would all be against the people. Oath-Keepers I love ya'll. You make me so proud.

Dancewater said...
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Triedbyconscience said...

People keep talking about the 'inevitable line they will cross'.. but I think they've forgotten all the other inevitable lines that have been crossed. The oath to the constitution, and to bear true faith and allegiance to the same, requires knowledge of that constitution, its purposes, and its construction.

The bill of rights is not merely a 'bill of rights', but a set of signposts to alert the people to treachery and tyranny. It was designed to protect four fundamental rights, upon which all the others are based. The bill of rights protects those four fundamental rights with the most certain protections that the founders could think up.

Those inalienable, 'human' rights are life, liberty, property, and the ability to defend all of the above as best able.

Often when a catalyzing moment comes, it comes too late. Each of the 'tipping points' we've hit have come after many usurpations and alterations of law.

All I can suggest is 'Read the Federalist Papers.'

Pay close attention to the Federalists 26, 41, 44, 51, 57, and 84...

Our forefathers recognized tyranny, and enjoined the power of the government against it, from tyranny of the majority as much as tyranny of the executive.

We can engage in remonstrance, petition, and argument... but we've been this route before as a nation. The opponents will move when they are ready, and by then, their plans will be near full fruit.

And all we can do is keep our oath, and protect the constitution and nation from those who would pervert and destroy it.

Anonymous said...

I have already reaffirmed my oath. This is great to see! Thanks to the Federal Officers who know the difference between lawful and unlawful orders as well as our beloved military brothers! This will just keep growing! Semper Fi, Devildog

Anonymous said...

Does anyone remember alienable verses a leinable comment by our good President George Bush? It was the first year. Does anyone remember his comment, get to the states that was second to last. Bottom line God's speed.

I am an Oath Keeper


Anonymous said...

I have been reading your site for some time and you've given this old cynic some hope. I have recommended your site to my sons, one who is military, and send links to friends. Please don't let us down and turn out to be another shell game.

Was the deleted post deleted for "anti-semitism?" Just asking.

Anonymous said...

Educating the military
By Kent Park
May 12, 2009 The Boston Globe
Hearing military officers proudly explaining the use of reconstruction money as bullets to achieve progress on the ground, I can't help but wonder whether we have created an American version of the "death blossom": throwing money wildly in every direction without the education to target effectively. All the while, the international development experts shake their heads from the sidelines.
My comment:
I don't belive in Harvard University.

Anonymous said...

This country is moving dangerously close to becoming a dictatorship. Wait until election time and we start hearing discussion about elections being unnecessary.

MacCoinneach said...

This was a surprise to see! Let us keep this ball rolling. Thank you for your commitment.

Arlie Hubard III said...

You may count one more among our numbers.

I was admitted to practice law today and in doing so swore an oath to defend both my state and US constitutions.

I take my oath as seriously as the rest of us, and will honor it until my death.

Thought you would like to know.

Pedro Motta said...

I'm not an American but I believe the concept behind those 10 orders you will NOT obey can be applied all over the world. And I'm sure is NOT by forcing anyone to follow any order. Unfortunately I don't have the answers to all our problems but I support you as a conscientious citizen of the world and I shall NOT obey that orders in my own way.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for serving your "Country" and not those who wish to destroy it. You and all brave men and women who visit this site are the ones who make America so great. From one American to another, I appreciate your integrity and your honor. May God Bless you and yours!

CaptGooch said...

Anonymous said...
I have been reading your site for some time and you've given this old cynic some hope. I have recommended your site to my sons, one who is military, and send links to friends. Please don't let us down and turn out to be another shell game.
Was the deleted post deleted for "anti-semitism?" Just asking.
May 12, 2009 2:11 AM
Any sort of "hate speech" will be deleted without comment. [Some folks are surprised when their personal religious outbursts are exposed as "hate speech".]
You would probably Not be surprised to hear that there is a considerable amount of "hate speech" which is clothed in "Religion".

It may have been based on religion or on any number of other subjects.
We will not be associated in any way with any group that uses hate as a rationale for any purpose.

I quote the OK We are Not List:
We are Not advocating or promoting any act or acts of
against any organization or person for any
reason including, but not limited to; race, religion,
national origin, political affiliation, gender or
sexual orientation.

Another spammer type we will not suffer is the "bandwidth goblin".
Folks who come in and post a 2000 word scree that doesn't even apply to our message or mission.

Folks who come in and post a short note and a link to another site usually get to stay until and unless we find out that the site they are linking us to is a hate speech [etc] site.
Our bandwidth [like everyone else] is limited and we don't have enough to waste it.

Stay on mission without using hate speech and there is no problem.

Thank You for sending our address along to your sons.

For the Republic

Michael said...

To all Oath Keepers and friends,

I am starting an ONLINE CA American Grand Jury (AGJ) just like the 2 that already voted unanimously to file "presentments" against Barry Soetoro aka Barack Obama on 2 criminal counts; namely:

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TY and GBU.