Thursday, December 18, 2014

Is This Job For You

From Shorty Dawkins, Associate Editor
The following appears on the California Highway Patrol website, re: careers with CHP. It is from the PDF, and is very revealing as to the attitudes of the police in recent times. We, at Oath Keepers, have been warning of the militarization of police departments across the country.
Is This Job for You?
Here are a few questions all applicants should ask themselves before applying to become a CHP Cadet. If any of the questions make you feel uncomfortable, or you answer in the negative, you may not be ready to go through our testing, evaluation and training process. Our goal is for those who are suited to the profession of CHP Officer to succeed, and to not set up for failure those who are not suited to the profession.  

1. Are you willing to work in a para-military organization, operating under a structured chain-of-command?


smooze1775 said...

All police agencies are "para-military" in that they have a structured chain-of-command: officer, sergeant, lieutenant, captain, major etc. with accompanying insignia. I work for local Sheriff's Office and we say the same thing...we've had people who said yes to question #1 only to disobey every order by every supervisor no matter how small the order: like "Smith your working beat A" Smith to self: "I'm working beat B, I don't care".

Anonymous said...

Just a side note Shorty, myself and many members have clearly stated, this ok board is not secure, and now the results are playing out. Maybe we can now take some of the money coming in, rather than giving it to Bundy or whoever, get a webmaster that knows how to secure the website.


Anonymous said...

Thank you all!