Wednesday, July 29, 2009

New Site input


Please give me your input on how to improve the new Oath Keepers main site at Constructive criticism is most welcome, so if there is something you don't like, say so - but also tell us how to make it better.

When Drew and I designed the site, my model was Pat Dollard's blog:

Drew wasn't able to set our up exactly the same, but close.

I'm not completely satisfied with how it turned out, so please go look at Dollard's site, look at ours, and give us your constructive criticism and suggestions for improvement.

Thanks a ton,



Anonymous said...

Here is what I for one would like to see which I think would show great leadership and set you apart from the other patriot movements:

1. Publish/update frequently the names of your members with their permission also listing the source or host organization of their oath.

2. Publish/update frequently an accounting of all funds/sources received or derived for Oath-Keepers and show disbursements/destinations.

3. Keep an updated links list of all related sites with which the Oath-Keepers mission is consistent, to help us all stay informed and converging to the same sheet of music.

I know all this is a lot of work and no clear thinking individual would expect you to not be fairly compensated. Potential members might feel more confident if they could see the money flow.

Thanks for all that you are doing and allowing me to make these suggestions. You are doing great things.

Anonymous said...

I think the new site is good would love to see updated post on troop movement or foreign troops on our Lands. Anything that we should be concerned about. Also some reassuring news like the strength of the group. Approximate members, things are looking good. We have most of the military on our side things like that

CaptGooch said...

Anonymous said...
Here is what I for one would like to see which I think would show great leadership and set you apart from the other patriot movements:

1. Publish/update frequently the names of your members with their permission also listing the source or host organization of their oath.


And yet you post as Anonymous.

Curious that ....

Oh and By the way .... Oath Keepers is NOT a Patriot movement.

Not on Our Watch

JAY said...

I would love to see the 10 vows at the beginning of the page (rather than the mid-bottom side) as that will give new-comers the idea right away rather than hoping they will stay and look around and find it.

Anonymous said...

No cookies here :( Yeah, what a place ..

Cookie Monster

Patrick Cowett said...

I just found out about your organization this evening. For the first time in my life, I am damn proud of the U.S. military and non-military officers!

I noticed your site is ranked somewhere around half a million in Alexa. Any resources we can use to promote it and bring it more traffic? For example some videos we'd have permission to upload to sites like Youtube, with each person writing the title and keywords in their own unique words, to broaden the net of searches through which people will find it and follow it to the OathKeepers site? The video that's up there on the front page now, may we upload that with our own titles?

I have a question that I'm sure goes without saying, but I didn't see this specific issue addressed anywhere on the site, so I'd like to request an easily visible posting of your stand on forced vaccinations. Perhaps along side or within the 10, or perhaps as a # 11. To quote an email I received from Dr. Robert O. Young, Microbiologist, PHD:

We have a constitutional right to sovereignty over our own bodies and our healing. Thomas Jefferson taught that: sovereignty in a true democracy means having the right to choose our own medicines, herbs, and remedies that we deem necessary for our body and for our children; and when and if the government tries to usurp that power for its own agenda we lose sovereignty, health, and democracy and the government loses its validity.

His blog site:

Lately he's been blogging about the the alleged swine flu, the dangerous vaccines, and how to naturally have a healthy immune system that can easily fight off any so-called flu.

By the way, I used my real name here, because we individuals need to take a public stand, each and all, openly and unafraid. God bless the officers defending people's rights, but we the people must not rest our hope on you guys and cross our fingers, for we must each and all stand as individuals as well.

This mess is here because we slowly denied our self-responsibility and asked the government to "protect" us. We need to accept that we are, always have been, and always will be 100% self-responsible as individuals and as a society. For freedom and responsibility are inseperable sides of the same coin.

This is a self-improvement video that really helped wake me up to this years ago. It also has direct implications for the situation we're facing (historical parallels). It's called "Taking Charge of Your Life" by Brian Tracy and is one of the modules of his Maximum Achievement seminar (it's 18 minutes):

√Čtienne de la Bo√©tie said...

Hi Stewart,

i love the new site but the biggest deficit that I saw was a SCHEDULE of upcoming event with the ability for folks to self-organize to promote Oath Keepers at upcoming events. Example: There is an upcoming march on Washington on September 12th that I would be happy to help with an Oath Keepers table / outreach etc. but there is no visible schedule that would indicate if you were/were not going to be there and if you had no plans to be there then there is no tool that would allow local oath keepers to organize an outreach effort themselves.

Keep up the good work!


Dr Doc dlcs said...

i am a vietnam era veteran. i am now crippled with parkinsons disease. i am terrified of Barack Hussein Obama.
here is my blog if you wish to visit:

O.K. said...

Patrick, I just now saw your comment. Thanks for the input. I'll give those links a close look. Please join our ning network over at the new site, and when you do, drop me a personal message in our forum system.

Stewart Rhodes

Jeremy said...

I just wandered into your blog from a Targeted Individual's blog. It almost restores my faith in America to see your oath and the military personnel scrambling to get behind it. However, I want you guys to know that in your oath, articles 2 (warrantless searches), 6 (blockading cities), 7 (detention camps), and 10 (peaceful assembly) are being subverted in ways you might not fully understand unless you're involved with the cutting edge of military/intelligence weaponry right now.

Directed Energy Weapons are being used against citizens of the United States to torture and murder them. Thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, are being herded into electronic concentration camps that can't be escaped because the attacks come from satellites that can reach anywhere on the surface of the globe. I myself currently live in a radiation shielded apartment, but I have to go outside occasionally.

In addition to the DEW's, advanced surveillance violates our privacy in ways you can't even imagine unless, as I've said, you're at the cutting edge.

There are also psychological warfare tactics involved.

In essence, what we're experiencing is a new kind of warfare, state-to-person warfare, of a kind not seen since East Germany. I've read compelling research indicating that East Germany was allowed to happen, and that the East German dictatorship was a 'trial run' for what is now being rolled out in the United States and other NATO nations.

It's great that you guys have got guns and are ready to use them to defend the Constitution, but I think that gunpowder (and the Constitution) are being turned into quaint historical oddities as we speak.

Keep building your momentum. I think your site looks great. But you need to be aware that there's much more going on, than meets the eye.

Travis said...

Training, training, training. We need to bring training to the site.

Jim Heitmeyer said...

The gear is outstanding. I will be ordering soon. Semper Fi and all stay safe. Jim

CaptGooch said...

Travis said...
Training, training, training. We need to bring training to the site.
September 24, 2009 3:36 PM

We are training on the site Travis.
The Only kind of training we will ever do here ....
Reach, Teach and Inspire.

To Reach out to all of our fellow Oath takers and ...

To Teach them if they don't know or have "forgotten" the responsibilities we agreed to when we swore that Oath.

To Inspire all oath takers to become Oath Keepers.

To Inspire all of our Active Duty or Reserve Military and Active Duty or Reserve Peace Officers to Keep the Oath they swore and to refuse to Obey any unlawful order no matter the source of that order but specifically the 10 orders we will NOT Obey.


Anonymous said...

PLEASE will someone look into this?? It's frightening.

Anyone ever heard of this Police Authority outfit?