Friday, July 10, 2009

Merchant Seaman Defending What Is Rightfully Ours


I am well over 80 years old, A Merchant Seaman of WW2. Ive seen torpedos, gun fire, storms, etc. My Dad was a Purpel Heart Vet. of WW1. My brother was in Korea. Through it all Ive always been proud of My country. Now I dont like our Govt. getting Nazi Hitler ideas. As old as I am, I am VERY CAPABLE of defending what is rightfully ours. God Bless America!



Anonymous said...

Leo Wake up these are your brothers, Sisters, Mothers, Fathers and Children Don't be the jack boot of tyranny what goes around comes around please watch this video and say no to tyranny. Welcome aboard oath keeper the true American patriot...

Sam said...

You make us proud Sir! Thanks for joining us and sharing your story!

Anonymous said...

Mr Rodes and ever oath keepers please
spread this swine flu video this will effect everyone you know..

ParaPacem said...

Sir - YOU are a total inspiration!! In all humility, I salute your service, your honor and your courage.
May we ALL show your degree of fortitude and determination.
God bless you and keep you.

CaptGooch said...

After serving in the Merchant Marine for 28 years, with 25 of those as "Captain", I want to welcome you aboard EWW.

Help us spread the word to all oath takers especially the Peace Officers and Military.
Help us turn them into Oath Keepers as you and I have become.

Welcome aboard shipmate.

For the Republic