Thursday, July 9, 2009

Former U.S. Army Infantryman Never Forgot The Oath


Stewart and all my fellow Oath Keepers,
My name is David Helms and I am a former U.S. Army Infantryman. As with all of the rest of you, I swore an oath to defend the constitution and have never forgotten that oath nor failed to do my best in it's defense. I will continue to do so as long as I draw breath.
I will be reading an Oath Keeper letter at the Fayetteville, Arkansas Tea Party on Independence Day.
Thank you Stewart for all the hard work you do, I know it can be overwhelming. Thank you also to all of you who make Oath Keepers what it is and, more importantly, what I know it will become...a bulwark against tyranny.
David Helms


CorbinKale said...

"...a bulwark against tyranny."

I like that! Thanks for serving and honoring your Oath.

Anonymous said...

The banking Coup is almost complete
please Leo and Military stand with America and wake up every family you can find.. This will end up worse then the holocaust. We must stand together, Please Mr Rodes keep spreading the word. May the lord have mercy upon us, God Bless and good luck...

HR 645: Congress Seeks to Authorize & Legalize FEMA Camps


A new bill has been introduced in the U.S. House of Representatives called the National Emergency Centers Act or HR 645. This bill, if passed into law, will direct the Secretary of Homeland Security to establish national emergency centers otherwise known as FEMA camp facilities on military installations. This is an incredibly disturbing piece of legislation considering that the powers that be have already set in motion an agenda to setup a nationwide marital law apparatus through U.S. Northern Command and the Department of Homeland Security.

Apparently, the fusion centers, militarized police, surveillance cameras and a domestic military command is not enough. Even though we know that detention facilities are already in place, they now want to legalize the construction of FEMA camps on military installations using the ever popular excuse that the facilities are for the purposes of a national emergency. With the phony debt based economy getting worse and worse by the day, the possibility of civil unrest is becoming a greater threat to the establishment. One need only look at Iceland, Greece and other nations for what might happen in the United States next.

With this in mind, it appears as if these so called national emergency centers will be used in a national emergency but only if the national emergency requires large groups of people to be rounded up and detained. If that isn’t the case, than why have these national emergency facilities built in military installations?

Let’s look through the various portions of the bill.

Continue at: http://www.roguegovernmen...

Anonymous said...

sorry heres the full link

Anonymous said...

If we want to really defend our great Constitution, contribute to the ACLU.