Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Active Duty Soldier Speaks Up

I intend on following your organization closely while I am in Afghanistan. I want to see it grow and reflect that our military and law enforcement are heavily made up of patriots, not mercenaries, and who fundamentally understand that what is ours already is not the government's or anyone else's to give us.

I am the first generation son of a legal Filipino immigrant who cannot understand what these elites in our 2-party system are doing to our country. I have also been an Infantryman since 2004, trained to be what enforces US foreign policy however we are able to.

I take it personally when I see Americans being mistreated and robbed of their own property rights and responsibilities.


RIP SGT Brennan Gibson. KIA 10DEC2006.


Anonymous said...

Bless you Sir, While you put your life on the line in a foreign land, your home is being taken over by the banker elites. Please spread the word about oath keepers. These tyrants must be stopped...

(((3))) said...


Be good and kind to yourself!!!

Nice to see active service members stepping up to the plate.

Stay Safe!


Anonymous said...

Audit the Federal Reserve....



HR 1207 & S. 604

Anonymous said...

Rs is right, the head of the beast is the fed. I hate to say this but by the time you come back Ray it might not be the same Home you left. God Bless and please be safe out there..

A pen said...

RS, You sum it up best. So simple and clear even a caveman could support it. The FED was where the original mistake began which opened the door to our usurping the constitution through manipulation of our finances and completely destroying the individuals rights to property.

The league of conspirators will not go without special notice. Once returned, the Constitution will have the respect it deserves and will have history recording it. If only people were more careful when they vote for public servants who run on a payback platform which rewards the supporter financially.

RSCovey said...

A pen. we are find more each day. All that is found is sent to OK HQ, as well as blogged about viral so as to lesson the chance of it being wiped (as a certain usurper's records are now being deleted).

Here is but the latest, something I have not even begun to check out as yet.
However, it does dovetail nicely with current and historical events;


Also, please refer to this, give much thought.
We have all been asking, "When?" May this be sufficient an anaswer;


Anonymous said...

Please, do not break the law. Use your intelligence to outwit the opponent, lawlessness. In the U.S. laws which are unconstitutional are not real laws.

Keep the heat on the executive. The eligibility issue must be resolved.
President-Alleged (PA) Obama’s birth certificate has nothing to do with the disqualifying fact that his father was Kenyan at his birth.


Either the good people in the military, law enforcement and most levels of government find their courage to do the right thing or we will see the blood of many Americans shed to regain their lost Republic and restore the Constitution. I think and hope that these servants of the people will keep their oaths of office and that they are just waiting for the right moment, ” [not shooting] ..until [they] ..see the whites of their eyes”. There can be no other America. We have liberty and free market economics in our DNA. Please spread the word as capped above.

RSCovey said...

Anon; "Please, do not break the law."

Which one? The Constitution or the UCC?

These days, barbarians are in charge, and the rule of "Law" has been quashed. When the Law itself is "Lawless", what do we do then?
Watch the "Hate Crimes" bill...

Anonymous said...

The only "universal healthcare" this country needs is a Proctologist to get this ASSHOLE out of Washington and back to Kenya ! !

RSCovey said...

Anon, I like that. lol