Monday, June 29, 2009

Testimonial of Current Serving Sheriff's Deputy With 14 Years in Service

My name is Bruce Crumpler and I am a law enforcement officer in Tampa, Florida. I just recently heard of this site and organization and am extremely pleased it exists. I am 100% in support of Oathkeepers mission and commitment to uphold the Constitution. I trust I will never have to see the day when I am asked to violate a citizen’s rights or illegally carry out specific orders against an American citizen; but if that day comes, it is my oath that I will first obey the laws of the Bible and secondly the U.S. Constitution.

I love my job and proud to be a 14 year member of the law enforcement profession; but before I am a law enforcement officer I am a Christian and a citizen of the United States.

I proudly stand with all associated with Oathkeepers and would love to do my part here in Florida to spread the message and assist the organization in any way possible. Please let me know what I can do to assist. God bless you all, our families and this wonderful country.

Bruce Crumpler

Valrico, Florida

Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office

Tampa, Florida

OATH KEEEPERS: Thank you, Officer Crumpler, for stepping up and for offering to help spread the message among your fellow officers. Check your email for an incoming message from me, putting you in contact with retired officer Chauncey Normandin, who is our Florida representative. I am sure he will be delighted to work with you. - Stewart Rhodes


TheMouse said...

Be praying for the Sheriff's department in Saint Lawrence County of New York State. After returning home from Lexington Green in Lexington, MA in April, I delivered Sheriff Richard Mack's book to our Sheriff Kevin Wells & then this past Saturday, spoke to a Sheriff's Deputy ( and ex-Marine ) about Oath Keepers. I'm hoping that sooner or later, these men with whom I've spoken will check out Oath Keepers ( as MANY LEO's have to date ) and discover for themselves the integrity of this organization and it's importance in the freedom of this Great Land !!

We need to keep encouraging our fellow OK'ers to seek God & His blessings in all that we say and do.

Taylor Harbin said...

Hello! I was one a college student in Tampa, so it comes as no surprise that I applaud your stand. Please look after my friends, many of them are still attending down there. God Bless!

Also, please contact your elected officials about the current legislation (forgive me for not using their real names):

Climate Bill: taxes carbon, allows feds to destroy houses that don't meet certain codes

Anti-gun bill: gives Attorney General alone power to strip individual rights to legally purchase firearms without proof or informing said individual

Hate speech bill: resembles the Sedition Act, bolsters special interest groups and targets alternative media

Mike Florey said...

Thanks for your service Deputy. I hope we can meet up at a Florida function soon.
Mike Florey

Elias Alias said...

Thank you for your conviction and for your courage. We're honored to have you here. Welcome home to the real America.

Anonymous said...

Police Stop beating citizens including tazing them.... You are not rambo and you are in no danger.. You have the Guns we are peaceful citizens. This is out of control everyone knows it.. Steward please Help in spreading this, We are not in Nazi Germany, but by god it feels like it... Good Leo Dont Protect the bad ones you are pushing people to a breaking point...

Anonymous said...

Police when is this gonna stop this is not human and is wrong.. Stand up to this kind of crap... Protect us don't kill us...

James Chasse's broken back ribs likely from a kick or knee-drop, medical examiner says
by Maxine Bernstein, The Oregonian
Thursday July 02, 2009, 10:04 PM

The medical examiner who performed the autopsy on James P. Chasse Jr. after he died in police custody says Chasse suffered 46 separate abrasions or contusions on his body, including six to the head and 19 strikes to the torso.

Anonymous said...

Mr rodes Please, Please You need to tell LEO to STOP ALL this ABUSE FOR PROFIT!!! People will Not take sh1t much longer.

Police Abuse in OC. I witnessed this. Do not give them any reason to pull you over at this time!!! I even took pictures.

I live in Huntington Beach*.

Sunday morning I drove to get some breakfast items for my sons and girlfriend. On the way back from the Vons in Huntington Beach I see a Cop on a bike ride up next to me staring in my window. I hadn't done anything illegal in my mind expect: Wearing my seat belt under my going under my arm instead of over my shoulder but I did have it on.

So the bike Cop pulls behind me and his lights come on. Then another cop in a cruiser gets right behind him. I have two cops on my for what's likely a seat belt infraction. Why Two Cops for this? Now I have two of them around me and they are on both sides of my truck looking in and the cop on the bike tells me "Well I didn't see it so it's still a violation" WTF? This is stupid but now it get's interesting.

Some Pedestrian who's walking down the street on the opposite side of the road tells the officers " Let him go and just give him a break". The cop says "Shut your mouth and keep walking". The pedestrian then says "Well can't you just give him a break. Everyone's having a tough time".

The pedestrian didn't say this in a threatening manner at all. The second cop goes across the street to confront him for his "Use of Freedom of Speech" The pedestrian didn't insult the officers. Then the bike cop who's got all my license and registration in his hand heads over there where the other cop is and they are on the pedestrian and one cop has his tazer gun aimed at the guy asking "Do you want to get tazered?" It was like the cop with tazer was getting to use this new toy for the first time. I am telling you the pedestrian wasn't doing anything or even resisting. They told him they don't know whether he on medication and they don't where he's going. The Pedestrian responds with "It's none of your business. I am just walking down the street and you guys are abusing your power".

The end result is they start kicking the pedestrian in the back of the his legs and sit him down. Now he's on the ground sitting and still not fighting at all. The now seated pedestrian is just yelling for help. People are watching and now he's screaming "Police Abuse". The cops shoot him with the tazer which he pulls the prongs out and tosses them and continues yelling for help. The motor cop who has my info yells to me to come get him info and leave. Then they shoot him again with another tazer which puts him on the ground. With all the spectators watching at the intersection there is now a rear end collision between two vehicles. A third cop shows up and this is all nuts.

The cop who has my registration calls to me to come get my info and tells me to leave the scene. I walked up and saw the guy yelling to everyone around him.

I took photos with my cell phone and went back to collect witnesses for this guy after it was over. The guy truly did nothing. I was unable get involved due to FTA on my record over a fix it ticket I would likely have been arrested for. I was sited for out date registration on my truck last month which mind you only one day expired. I immediately took care of this with the DMV and paid the late fee. I believed until I received notice last week this was resolved but now the OC Court is demanding $549 dollars which I have to take care of.

Anonymous said...

I didnt realize there where any good and honorable law enforcement officers left out there. Today, they do as they please. And the 4th Amendment doesnt exist to them. No, in fact, they are acting like gods. And thanks to youtube, everyone knows about it now. They seem to have forgotten our God Given Right to take the life of 'anyone' who takes away our God given Rights, something that the supreme court has also upheld. Including cops.

So, that said, my hat is off to you Sir, you are truly a rare gem in the ruff. And I can truly say, that I dont HATE 'all' cops. I truly wish more Men like you wore the uniform.

CaptGooch said...

Unfortunately It would seem that Oath Keepers are needed in Huntington Beach and in their Police Department ASAP.

I have trouble with the "Thin Blue Line" protecting "Bad Apples" instead of removing them. It defies logic.

Photos and film will be the tool for the public to use to take back the streets from the "blue gang".

Oath Keepers need to reach out to your brother oath takers and actively convert those we can to Oath Keepers and remove the bad apples instead of defending them.

Defending a criminal just because he wears a blue shirt is abetting his crimes and is direct violation of your Oath.

Honor your Oath to Protect and Serve the People for whom you actually work.
That is what makes an Oath Keeper.

CaptGooch said...

Welcome aboard Deputy Crumpler.

I am certain that Chauncey will be pleased to add your name to his Florida roster.

Reach, Teach and Inspire.

For the Republic

Anonymous said...

Has it occurred to anyone associated with this laudable group (and pardon my ignorance if this question has already been asked), but if these FEMA Concentration Camps do exist (and, even though I haven't seen one personally, I believe the witnesses who have), will not the corrupt in the government (and there are MANY) come first for citizens who openly associate with "Oath Keepers" and such organizations?

What assurances (given that the government eavesdrops on our every form of communication now, including email and blog sites) are there that signing up with this organization will not be a guaranteed one-way train-ride to mass-imprisonment?

Anonymous (yeah, right)

TheMouse said...

Anonymous, I appreciate your concern when you "What assurances ... are there that signing up with this organization will not be a guaranteed one-way train-ride to mass-imprisonment?"

You've recognized the obvious.

There are no assurances that your gov't ( and/or tyrannical factions there-of ).

Sad to say, odds are that you may be right.

Now, tell me, what does it say about the quality of character and the resolve and integrity and honor and patriotism of those who knowing the risks and knowing the sacrifices patriots have made in the creation of this great nation and the price these Oath Keepers may some day pay for their stand, dare to take a stand and pride themselves for being Oath Keepers ?

Thank God for Oath Keepers.

Have YOU pledged your life, your liberty, your personal belongings and your sacred honor to defend the constitution and this Great Land against all enemies, foreign and domestic ?

If not, why not ?

If so and if you intend to keep your oath(s), then you are an Oath Keeper and welcome aboard.

If not, consider this that the price for NOT taking a stand will be FAR more expsnsive by far than taking a stand with people of honor !!

TheMouse said...

P.S. to my above comment. Watch the following video ( )and ask yourself ... "What assurance does Dr. Orly Taitz have that she will not come to personal injury after going public about her claims ?"

She doesn't.

She does the right thing, however, and takes a stand, facing the risks with honor.

CaptGooch said...

Well Spoken TheMouse

And thanks to Anonymous for the question that allowed The Obvious to be stated for those for whom it is or was not so obvious.

"To this cause we do pledge our lives, our fortunes and our sacred Honor".

For the Republic