Sunday, June 28, 2009

Testimonial of 1st. Cav Vietnam Combat Veteran and Peace Officer

Dear Oath Keepers,

I've taken the Oath four times in my 61 years of life. The first time was upon my entry into the Army for a six year hitch during Viet Nam.

I later entered Law Enforcement for 29 years, where I took the Oath three more time during my movement up the ranks. Every single time I took the Oath I felt an emotional lump in my throat because I believed in it and understood the awesome responsibility that went along with it.

My Oath NEVER expired. I swear to all that I will uphold my duty to that Oath as long as there is life in my body.



Anonymous said...

Bless you sir, I urge everyone please lets come together America is being looted right before our eyes while we argue between ourselves. The Unconstitutional Cap N Trade Hr 2454 Will be the final breaking of American... Please Now is the time to unite. The Bankers are stealing our children's future and our Reps are letting them do it please read this link..

Stewart Rhodes said...

No, they only think they are stealing our children's future. "They" just are not thinking things through far enough.


Anonymous said...

I thank God for this site, it gives me great hope. This country is the most beautiful in the world. If we fail here I feel the world will be covered in a darkness that no on will be able to escape. Its hard to believe but there are forces in our own government that are working towards a dark agenda which is global integration. There is nothing in my heart but this land here, we have allot of problems but we are a beacon to the world which stood for freedom and liberty. But I fear those days are almost gone. This system is not run for the people and hasnt been for a long time. We can see it in front of our eyes. When 98% of the people said no to the bailout it was passed without anyone reading it. The cap and trade which tax's everything from the air you breath to the gas you use to the food you eat. is passed through the house without even anyone again reading it. This is not what a government by the people is run, no this is a system of self dark interests that is putting out families on the street
and giving our unborn children a debt that will never be paid. Mr Rodes I know no one here supports any party But I pray the ones here Support what is wrong and what is right. What is happening right now is wrong we all know it. I don't want to blame Obama or the parties because it goes beyond these men and the coruption runs so deep behind a hidden curtain that no ones sees. Because our enemies are not in some far away shore but right here in plain sight under the cover of our own people. We need to bring our solders home all of them from all around the world. We must
start rebuilding our country with honor again with respect for all Leo and military not corruption and greed with violence. We have lost our way and are to busy with our own fortunes to pay attention but now we must stand together against tyranny not for our selves but for God, for our children for our neighbors. Time is short but I honor you all who pledge your oath to protect the constitution, to protect your family, friends and this great land. God Bless you all
and thank you from the bottom of my heart, we must not loose unborn generations are depending on us. May God guide us in our most darkest hour....

Anonymous said...
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CaptGooch said...


We are not a social blog-site we are a specific issue blog-site.

That issue for us is the Keeping of our Oath to protect and defend the Constitution of the united States of America and hence our name Oath Keepers.

Thank you for visiting.

For the Republic