Tuesday, June 9, 2009

NEW OATH KEEPERS VIDEO! And Now For Something Completely Different ...

Much of what we post here is so serious that Jim Ayala, our video wizard, decided to make a video with a bit of humor in it while also pointing out that we are non-partisan, and we will oppose all who violate their oath of office, from the left or from the right.

This is also a good one to send your liberal friends ;)

And from now on, whenever we get some wanker asking (in a whining voice) "where were you for the past eight years while Bush was violating the Constitution" we are going to point them to this video and ask them "where are
you, right now, while Obama does the same and worse?"


Galt-in-Da-Box said...

Doesn't work that way:
What you're going to find out is, the "two-system party/Kakostocracy" feeds on the willful ignorance and blindness of the 20% of the population that follow them for nothing more than a good, egotistical feeling, and the bribes they pull down.
If we can get the other 80% off their duffs, off their Wii's, Xboxes & "Crackberry"s and on the march, totalitarianism will be impossible.

Ask Ger said...

I continuously find it remarkable that the compilers of these videos that contain extremely important words somehow find it a requirement to include ridiculous and excessive background music, no matter how good the music is, that only serves to over-power the words spoken to the point of indiscernibility. When will these video compilers ever learn to turn the friken volume down on the background music!!!! Are all these videos compiled by some wannabe rock star?

CorbinKale said...

Excellent video.

ThatGirlTasha said...

@ask ger, it's called having a little fun.

There is also something to be said for stirring emotions.

There are plenty of videos out there with important info without music but no one ever sees them because they don't go viral.

Besides, you can't go wrong with Kill Bill music -who doesn't like a chick with a sword?

Ask Ger said...

I am not against the music, just turn it down when people are speaking and then crank it back up when it is just "stirring" text to read. It is called making a video with a touch of competency, that's all. The blaring music PREVENTS me from sharing it so there goes the viral. Leave the music for MTV.

O.K. said...

We'll pass on your constructive criticism to Jim Ayala, the maker of the video, though your statement "It is called making a video with a touch of competency, that's all" is a bit harsh - especially considering his well demonstrated competency.

But to each his own.

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