Wednesday, June 24, 2009

I carry a copy of our Constitution, Bill of Rights and the oath I took

Good Day, I write as an Oath Keeper who is a medically discharged veteran that believes wholeheartedly in the oath I took to defend my country's Constitution and Bill of Rights. Currently I am involved in a few basic organizations that are attempting to effect change at a local level inside our government however, I can see our efforts are falling on closed ears and minds. Frustration is obviously one emotion felt by all of us about this but also the feeling of impending doom as the laws which protect our civil liberties and freedoms are changed, modified and removed almost everyday.

I see the dark clouds on the horizon and know the storm is coming soon. Examples are not needed as they are clearly known to all who are truly involved with being vigilant against this tyranny and injustice to our way of life. The atrocities being committed against us are almost unbearable as I watch the daily routines of our government chip, hammer and crush our rights and freedoms.

I carry a copy of our Constitution, Bill of Rights and the oath I took when I joined the U.S. Army at all times and I make every attempt to share the knowledge I have with others. Notwithstanding the names I have been called regarding my beliefs about the state of our nation I persevere and keep sharing the words of freedom, but deep down I can feel there is more that I should be doing yet do not know what to do that will have the most impact upon the people I share this information with.

I write with the hopes of becoming more knowledgeable about the options to spread the word of truth and freedom to more people and to do it more effectively than I currently am.


Eric Levay
Former U.S. Army
Current Oath Keeper and Patriot for our Constitution

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