Saturday, June 27, 2009

Current serving Virginia National Guardsman

I am a former Marine with 7 1/2 years of service, including two overseas deployments. Currently I’m serving in the Virginia National Guard, and by the grace of God I will stay true to the oath I have sworn, as a defender of our great republic.

All the men in my family have served our great nation, in one branch or another. I am very distressed about the state of our republic, and have been for long before our present commander in chief took the throne.

This country of ours is not just another nation state, it is a land founded on Judeo Christian principles, and those are what have blessed us with the lifestyle we currently possess. The reason our country is now deteriorating is for the simple fact we have strayed, far from our roots, we have adopted the sick philosophies of old, and have decided that the intellect or our founding fathers has no place in our modern society.

I am but a mere man in this universe, but when the line in the sand is finally drawn I will be here, and if I must die, so be it. Let God’s providence take place.

I would much rather have my bloodshed on the ground where my father’s walked, then in a foreign nation fighting some war that probably does more to line thieves pockets, than free a people from tyranny. Once I have had more than one glass of wine I tend to carry on, but for now, stay true to the constitutional oath you’ve sworn, and remember as the soldiers of the revolutionary war shouted to the tyranny of England, "no King but King Jesus."

God speed and long live the Republic.

Semper Fi


TheMouse said...

One of the things which encouraged me most, when I met with the Oath Keepers April 18-21st was the frequency with which I heard God being mentioned. I was encouraged to hear the number of men who spoke openly of the importance of God in our goals and resolve ... and the outcome of our endeavors !! With His blessing, we can not fail. Without it we can not succeed. In all our ways, we must acknowledge Him, with confidence that He will direct our paths !!

Semper Fi !!

John said...
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Liberty said...

Our family has a long history of military people, we've always been patiotic, thankful that we live a freedom that was fought for us through many years here in America. Born into the freedom we have I have held in my heart an oath to always uphold biblical principles as well as our American heritage and Constitutional responsibilities. Thank you for the 'Oath Keepers'. I'm so glad someone out there is as strong about your patriotism and upholding these truths.


TheMouse said...

Linda, as you know, the Oath Keepers have a mission to their peers ( police, military, emergency teams ) to increase their awareness of the Constitution, to which they took an oath and to encourage them to keep it ( which also includes recognizing a constitutionally ILLEGAL ORDER when they hear one ) ... and Linda I feel that we must also be ministers to the Oath Keepers, to acknowledge God in all that is done, so that He will indeed direct our collective paths. I trust that you will accept this commission in your dealings with the Oath Keepers and that each and everyone will be in your prayers as we seek Jehovah's will and look to him for our success.

Anonymous said...

I'm not sure they have to take our guns, they are destroying our constitution and America with all the bills they are passing in Washington, we are going to be taxed to death and all our businesses are going to move over seas. I just hope everyone wakes up quick before all our grandchildren and great grandchildren are doomed. Thomas Sowell said that if people don't wake up soon our grandchildren will be living under Siera law.
Thank all of the Oath-Keepers, you are the only thing that gives me hope.

Anonymous said...

Its true the bankers are killing America our future is doomed and the reps are passing so many bills to tax us to death and steal all our liberties. My God Police and Military stand up in your local areas, Please I beg you it your family every American family. Don't Let them tell you its a us Vs them mentality Please we are all americans and our future is fading before our eyes Please spread the word and stand with your fellow man against tyranny....

Sgt. Bob said...

You sir are an embodiment of "Always Faithful." Welcom to Oath Keepers and I would enjoy
sharing a glass of wine with you, so that you could carry on.... A former Navy Corpsman salutes you!

Stewart Rhodes said...


We will do all we can, but please join us in this effort. The more of us who bail, the better our odds of saving the ship. Many hands make light work, so grab a bucket and start bailing!

Anonymous said...

Hey buddy,

Got a question for you...if you serve in the Guard as a Marine do you keep your affiliation with the USMC or do you have to switch over to the Army? I know you have to wear their utilities and whatnot but do you actually switch services when you make the transfer? I'm thinking about doing this myself and obviously would like to stay a Marine if possible.

Oorah & S/F