Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Video Testimonial of Active Duty Air Force Sergeant

This active duty Staff Sergeant focuses his testimonial on the Second Amendment, and on the fact that so many Americans are armed, and that so many have recently bought a massive amount of guns and ammo.

It should be noted that it is Americans from all walks of life who are doing so, many of them for the first time. They are buying guns and ammo at record rates out of concern for what trouble may be coming in general, and in particular out of concern for planned attempts to infringe their right to bear arms.


Kevin Kehoe said...

Get some self control with the Butts brother.

Ruins the flow of you speech.

Death before Dishonour

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much, sir, for taking the time to film your statements.

Not everyone has the courage to speak from the heart and show their face.

God willing there are millions more who feel the same.

Kevin K said...

YA still did good