Saturday, May 16, 2009

To "defend and protect" didn't end when I walked off the ship for the last time.

When I grew up Audie Murphy was my hero. I'm not forgetting Superman, but Audie was the real McCoy. Then Elvis went in and came out with an Honorable Discharge and a Good Conduct medal.

I joined the Navy and when I raised my right hand to take the OATH I was repeating the exact same words that Audie
and Elvis had. It was the proudest day of my life. To "defend and protect" didn't end when I walked off the ship for the last time.

It seems to me that my country is calling me again, to serve her, to "defend and protect" her constitution. I put my life on the line then, and I'm willing to do it again. I may not come back: a lot of those young men who stormed the beaches on D-Day didn't come back either. Think about it. I have. I took an oath once. One oath is all it takes. Count me in. I'm in it f
or the duration. So help me God.

Tom MacLeran
Vietnam Veteran

Attached is a picture of the ole Gal, U.S.S. Galvaston CLG-3, that I was on during my tour of duty.


CaptGooch said...

Welcome Home Sailor.

I too have admired Audie Murphy since my childhood.
I got out of the Navy in 1969.

I am curious as to where the USS Galveston is currently "berthed" ?
I lived in Galveston for 20 years.
Is she in the "Sea Wolf" Park on Pelican Island ?

Welcome aboard our effort to preserve the Constitution and our Republic.

Thank You for your Service.

For the Republic

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your service and God Bless you.