Monday, June 1, 2009

Testimonial of Father of DHS Officer

NOTE: Below is the testimonial of the father to the DHS officer Kirt McClain, who, rather ironically, was the first person to get an Oath Keepers tattoo (that we know of). Go here to read officer McClain's testimonial. Well, looks like Kirt's stepping up inspired his father to do the same. Like father like son, and vis versa! - Oath Keepers.

Oath Keepers on the Inside - The first Oath Keepers Tattoo is On the Shoulder of a DHS Officer

Now it's Dad's turn to sound off:

I too am an Oath Keeper

Thank goodness for my son, Kirt McClain. Because of him, I no longer feel as helpless and frustrated as I have for a long time now. His testimonial was a reaffirmation of what I’ve known for some time now, that it has come to this, here and now, and we are here for a reason.

I didn’t plan to be involved in such a pivotal time and scenario either, but it is here, and there is nothing more natural or right in this world than to answer the call. The blank check I signed back in 77 is still there, only the recipients have changed!

This is the unit patch from my favorite unit of all that I served with, strangely enough a Continental Air Defense unit, which got its start with American volunteers flying Spitfires in North Africa in '42, hence the name “Spitten Kittens.”

Last week, during a conversation with a co-worker about the assault on our second amendment rights which we claim, he asked me, “well, what are you going to do about it?” I told him I would stand up and be counted, and do whatever is necessary.

With an incredulous look on his face, he asked, “really?”

“Of course!” was my response.

In that instant it became clear to me. Our kinship with our founding fathers (by that I mean All who answered the call) can have never been stronger than right now. And those in government have never been further away from them in our nation’s history.

Has anyone else noticed that we don’t have anyone of the caliber of Thomas Jefferson or Patrick Henry or many others in our government? Not one! Of course, could one pull a Jurassic Park and bring them back, I doubt they would be well received by the privileged elite in Washington.

I am the son of an immigrant, and all of us are related to one at some point. When he (my dad) became a citizen, through hard work freely given, he treasured what this country stands for, and would say so in any of the seven languages that he spoke. He worked as a volunteer after his teaching career and gave back what he could. I know he would stand with us today. How things (and some people) have changed.

In parting (for now), I would leave you with this final thought (thanks for staying with me this long):

I was born into a first world country to the taste of freedom, which I wish all mankind could share, even with all its imperfections. I do not intend to die under different conditions than those in which I was born, I will not go quietly into the night and disappear for the convenience of those who do not know or care about the principles for which this nation was founded!

My name is Steve Spandorf

20 year Air Force Veteran [currently working for a "major space agency"]

And you may tell them all.

Thank you.


CaptGooch said...

Welcome aboard Steve.

"And you may tell them all."

It looks like You already did Steve.

Thank you for your service and for raising an honorable American son.

Well Done.

For the Republic

The Dynamite Guy said...


I saw your unit patch and it brought back memories of my stint in the USAF. I belonged to the same squadron stationed out of Minot AFB in 1980/81. I, like all other military personnel take the Oath the Uphold the Constitution and to protect this country from all enemies foreign and domestic. What I don't understand is why are there military personnel out there that are willing to violate the UCMJ, the Constitution and betray their fellow Americans. This is pure insanity. I do remember the fellow that was court marshaled, in Germany, for not donning U.N. garb on top of his uniform. This was in direct violation of the UCMJ but they court marshaled him anyway.

Thanks for being one of the few, the proud, An American Patriot!