Saturday, May 30, 2009

Testimonial of Current Serving Arizona Corrections Officer

I Jay C. Bolland do hereby solemnly swear to PROTECT and DEFEND the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, FOREIGN and DOMESTIC, so help me God!

Please add this to the site. I may be the first of my fellow correctional officers to post with oath keepers, I hope I'm not the last. May the flame of liberty become a wild fire in the hearts of men and may it spread across the land from sea to shining sea!

Long live the REPUBLIC,
Sgt. J.C. Bolland

OATH KEEPERS: Thank you Sgt. Bolland. As a matter of fact, just yesterday we posted a testimonial from a corrections officer from New Jersey, who goes by "The Brushwolf." Our hats go off to both of you. OK


Unknown said...

I applaud you guys for doing simply what's 'right'. I hope and pray you will be on a mission to find the other good officers out there so they can join our ranks.

Respect and Love, my Brothers!

Anonymous said...

We need more of you guys, as they are starting with the young officers to totally deny the validity of the Constitution on any level, and using budgetary reasons and any number of unconstitutional state and federal statutes to justify these violations which continue to occur - and using state and federal highway funding as the carrot for withholding funding for state and local law enforcement unless they cowtow to these agendas.

We need our police to start demanding the states and state legislators to do their jobs and protect our states and local communities from federal usurpation of their functions of office.

But it is nice to see there are some in law enforcement now that know there is something terribly wrong with these federal mandates and laws, and now even "thought" crimes are not deemed outside federal jurisdiction.

This is much worse than Nazi German at this point. Much worse.