Monday, May 25, 2009

Testimonial of Active Duty Marine With HMX-1 Presidential Helicopter Squadron, Quantico Va.


first let me say that I cant begin to thank you for what you all are doing,
I'm an Active Duty Marine stationed in Quantico Va with HMX-1 Presidential Helicopter Squadron.

As you well know I too took an Oath to Protect my Country from ALL Enemies Foreign and Domestic, (seems to me that the Domestic ones are more dangerous now anyways). In looking at your website I think I missed the sign here link? What do I do to become a part of the Oath Keepers Association?

God Bless
Semper FI!

Lcpl Larson, Jonathan D.

Semper Fidelis-no one but a Marine can fully comprehend the meaning of those words
Teufelhund--A name earned, NEVER given.

FROM OATH KEEPERS: Marine, thank you for your service and for your devotion to country. On this Memorial Day, as we remember the fallen, your testimonial is a fitting tribute to them and to the cause of liberty they fought for. Thank you! We are honored to add your unit insignia to our webpage honor-roll. We are still working out the details on our membership policy but will post on that soon and will have a "Join" button up within days. Meanwhile, in our minds, all who keep their oath are oath keepers - Stewart Rhodes


Anonymous said...

This is a day of honor. People, when you leave comments on this young Marine's public testimonial, remember that and conduct yourselves accordingly.

Anonymous said...

PS - way to go Marine!

ironhunter52 said...

welcome Jonathan. thank you for your service to our country
steve lester
U.S. Army 1971

Anonymous said...

My grandfather stormed Vimmy Ridge in France during WWI, he won a Canadian Cross (although American). My Father was in Patton's army during WWII.

As I look at our situation today in America, it has become clear that we are being slowly moved towards slavery through a manipulative authoritarian elite. No, most don't see it or wont. I was fearful myself about how we (me in particular) could stop this if things went bad, then I found this web page! It would be my honor to call anyone of you brothers and fellow countryman.
As Washington said to his army just before the battle of Long Island, "Today we conquer or die"!
You all have inspired me to be willing to do either knowing you are there.
Thank you! God Bless you all!!
Rev. Tim+

Anonymous said...

Thank you Marine and all the Military for your service. I am very proud of my country, we just need to take it back before its to late.

Dave Freeman said...

Thank you for your service to our great God-fearing country. You've already signed-up with us spiritually by your commitment to your sacred oath to support, protect and defend the constitution. As Stewart said: the on-line sign-up will be available shortly.

In Liberty and Fidelity,
Dave Freeman

Opus #6 said...

Marine, thank you for your service. From one grateful American mother of 6.

Anonymous said...

God bless you all, we honor all of you.

CaptGooch said...

Welcome Aboard Lance Corporal Larson.

Welcome and Well Done.

For the Republic

Anonymous said...

S.F. brother.. welcome aboard.

Anonymous said...

On this sobering Memorial Day. I think only of the great sacrifice my grandfather gave by committing himself to the U.S. army during World War 2. He was a brilliant and honorable man. He knew what it was he was fighting for.

My father, while he did not join the military, he did do his civil duty by joining the police force for 10 years. It was unfortunate though, that the system was so corrupt he simply couldn't take it anymore and left.

Myself, I have not joined in the same path as my father or grandfather, precisely because of the fact that the system has been corrupted beyond repair and nothing I do would help, if anything, I'd be castrated for actually trying to follow the rule of law. But that does not mean I will not fight if it comes for it. Ever since I was very young I have been training myself physically and mentally, I guess being the grandchild of a soldier and the son of a cop has some kind of residual effect on your attitude. At least it is in my case. I am ready to serve and protect my country and will follow the bill of rights as it was intended to be followed.

Oath keepers, you can count this 26 year old man, whom, while not "Officially" trained by either the army or the police, is still ready and willing to fight enemies both foreign and domestic for what is right.

Semper Fidelis and never forget what it is our founding fathers fought for. They too were considered traitors and terrorists to the British crown. But that didn't stop them from what they know in their God given heart what was right!

CorbinKale said...

Nothing honors our vets, past and present, more than a patriot standing up and defending the Constitution. Welcome!

Anonymous said...

I don't have a google account, hence anon.

I want to say THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!
To all of you who are doing this. This makes me realize there are still REAL Americans and that all Military and Police are NOT the enemy. The Media is doing a good job of trying to turn the public against Mil/Police. See all these people re-affirm the Oath makes me think there IS hope for America and all is not lost.
Thank you ALL for your service and Liberty will Prevail.

Anonymous said...

I took that Oath in 1968,and will stand by it Today,and all of My Tomorrows !

Oath Keepers said...

Blogger ironhunter52 said...

"welcome Jonathan. thank you for your service to our country
steve lester
U.S. Army 1971"

Steve, if you have not already done so, please send in your testimonial. We'd love to have it and to add the 2nd Armored Division patch to our honor roll.

O.K. said...

"Oath keepers, you can count this 26 year old man, whom, while not "Officially" trained by either the army or the police, is still ready and willing to fight enemies both foreign and domestic for what is right."

While our focus is on those who serve or who have served in the military or police, we certainly respect and welcome any citizen who shares our love of country and of liberty.

ironhunter52 said...

Oath Keepers, my testimonal was sent out today,I hope i did it right.i also added a couple of other items. feel free to use any or all of them on your great web site. i am honored to be a part of oath keepers.may God bless all of you.
Steve Lester
US.Army 1971

Anonymous said...

The following comment was posted by Elias:

"I say this government is not the government created by our nation's Founders. I am here to remind this imposter government that my oath was to the constitution and not to any government which cannot honor that founding legal charter."

Imposter government? I don't see anything illegitimate about the present government and I think such talk as the above is dangerous and subversive. I intend to support the duly elected government, which includes the present government. Anyone who attempts to undermine the legitimately elected government will not find any support from me. Rather, if they act on the above sentiments, they risk going to jail for a very long time and rightly so.

Elias Alias said...

Anonymous said -
"Imposter government? I don't see anything illegitimate about the present government..."

Do you truly want me to believe that you don't see anything illegitimate about the Federal government?

While I certainly appreciate your sense of loyalty, I'd suggest that you direct your loyalty to the American people, and not to a government which refuses to abide by its founding legal charter.