Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ready to stand tall, shoulder to shoulder

Request permission to come aboard sir.

I am prior service, starting off in Air Force, and winding up in Army during Vietnam, and then many years with The Georgia Army National Guard. I am also prior service Law Enforcement, mainly with the Georgia Bureau of Investigation. Today, I stand ready to honor the Oath I have taken a number of times during my lifetime, to defend OUR country, The United States of America, The Constitution of the United States of America, and The Citizens of The United States of America, from enemies both foreign and domestic.

Today we have enemies on both sides of the border who are prepared and actively engaged in destroying the United States of America, both physically and economically. Sorry to say, we do not have to look far to find these enemies on either front.

I have spent years living by my oath, as I have found it did not terminate with my return from active duty military, and carried forth in everything I have done in the Civilian environment.

I found my position in law enforcement very similar to that of the active military, as we fought the battle against organized crime and international narcotics smuggling, at least in military tactical operations, we had a pretty good idea of who the enemy was, but in both the battle against organized crime and international smuggling, the enemy could be on either side of the fence, and possibly within our own ranks.

There are a whole lot of prior service folks here in Georgia who are ready to stand tall, shoulder to shoulder, and keep our Oath to defend our country and the Constitution under which our country has been formed and by which we all have lived for the past couple hundred years.

Tim Jones ,

Prior Service: U.S. Army


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your service Sir. I am proud to be an American with all the great Men and Women that has and is serving our great nation. Oath-Keepers, Thenk you.

ironhunter52 said...

thank you sir,for standing up & honoring the oaths that you have taken.
steve lester

RSCovey said...

Tim, it is an honor to stand tall with you.