Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Oath Keepers is getting a flood of invitations to speak and conduct oath ceremonies at July 4 Tea Parties all over the nation.

So far, we have been invited to take part in July 4 events in Oklahoma, Montana, Wyoming, Florida, Texas, Nevada, and Washington DC. We will post details as they come in.

What is an Oath Keepers oath ceremony like? Here is an example, from the April 15 Knoxville Tennessee Tea Party, where some 3,000 people reaffirmed their oath or took the oath for the first time:

If you know of a July 4 event you would like to see Oath Keepers participate in, email us and let us know about it at oathkeepersok@gmail.com

Even if we cannot get a speaker to you, we can provide you with an address from Oath Keepers, specially made for July 4, that you are welcome to read out loud to those in attendance, and you are welcome to conduct an oath ceremony of your own at your event.

We would suggest that such an oath ceremony be conducted by an active duty service member, police officer, or veteran - or any other well respected citizen of your community who you consider an oath keeper and someone worthy of conducting such a solemn oath ceremony.

The oath is powerful. Use it.

Email us for details.

Stewart Rhodes
Founder of Oath Keepers


Anonymous said...

Where were you for the last 8 years??

O.K. said...

Such a silly question. Go read my personal blog at http://stewart-rhodes.blogspot.com

That's where I was. Ditto for the rest of the Oath Keepers crew.

Where were you?

Or better yet, where are you now? Speaking up and speaking out against abuses by the current regime, or making excuses for them?

I suppose I need to do a FAQ in response to this question that keeps popping up - by people who suppose they are being clever.

Stewart Rhodes

Anonymous said...

Are there any Oathkeepers in New Hampshire? I live in Rochester. I'm only a housewife, but my strength is that everyday is Saturday and I have time on my hands to help an Oathkeeper organize a rally. I've never organized anything but a closet in my life, but here's a pair of helping hands.