Sunday, April 19, 2009

To protect my family and my fellow citizens

My Allegiance is to the LORD God almighty maker of heaven and earth, the one true GOD, Jesus Christ my LORD!

To protect my family and my fellow citizens, and being a soldier for over 21 years currently serving in the Army as well as over 18 years in civilian Law Enforcement, I do affirm this oath, as many times before, to defend the Constitution of the United States!


Elvis D. Wells Jr.

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CaptGooch said...

Welcome to the blog site Elvis.

It is good to see someone like you who already is and has been an Oath Keeper for many years joining our efforts.

What Our Country needs now is as many committed Oath Keepers as we can Reach, Teach and Inspire. All of them IF possible.

The enemies are already entrenched and we are having to play "catch-up".
Reach out to your Law Enforcement and Military contacts and let's get our Republic back.

Welcome aboard.