Friday, April 10, 2009

A mighty Storm is Forming

I pledged it (The Constitution), I took it seriously and now they want me to forget about it. I guess the mistake I made was I read it.
I wrote this for a rainy day. I think that day is drawing near. God Bless those who would fight that others may enjoy freedom

The Blood of your ancestors is speaking.
The Blood of warriors from a
once great Nation is raging in your veins.
Nobody wants this, but don't
underestimate what it means or at least meant to be an American.
It was
not an easy life and it was often threatened, but Good men stood their
ground for the Right to breathe free air.
Everything that so many have
fought and died for now stands to be lost and their sacrifices in vain.
This can not be Men, be Men.
Stop worrying about who scored the winning
Be leaders of your families. Leadership is earned.
Earn the
leadership role in your household.
Protect your loved ones and
everything that is dear.
Set your mind and never relent.
Men, raise
good men. Teach your boys about the price paid for breathing free
air.Be strong, show no fear.
The enemy is great, but you are man.
warrior ancestors will follow us as if guardian angels.
Be right with
Seek His guidance and trust in the lord.
You are man. Women,
Protect yourselves in our absence.
Comfort us, and offer us warmth. We
need your support.
We need the warrior heart of woman.
Take care of our
babies, they are our hope of a future.
Be true to us. Give us a chance
to be good leaders in our households, for it will not be by conquest but by consent.
A mighty storm is forming. a storm of Patriots fighting
with purpose.
Your enemy seeks to fulfill a mission.
We will show them
a mission they will not soon forget and when we are long dead and buried it will be remembered what was done here.
We fight for our
Sovereignty, that our children might grow and prosper in a free country and breathe Free air.
We will remind our foe that we have not forgotten
what it means to be an American.
I love you all my brothers and sisters
and I do not wish to see this end violently but if it is to be then let them know we will not shy from it.
Being American used to mean
So shall it be again.

Former USAF Security Police


Anonymous said...

Amazing!! No words that I have can ever thank you and all the others who have sacrificed so much.

Dave Freeman said...


Very eloquent, very moving and very sincere; if this speech doesn't rally the troops, nothings will! You certainly covered all the bases; I don't see that you left anyone out.

Meet us on Lexington Green where we will reaffirm our sacred oaths and tell the spirits of our great patriotic ancestors: "We're Back!"

CaptGooch said...

Well Done RNE III
And Well Said.
We are Proud to be able to stand with you.

Your message was inspiring and very timely indeed.

Welcome aboard.

Mrs.R. said...

From Mrs. R.

I made a post a few days ago about wanting to wear the badge and the response settled me into a deep silence, particularly since we have our honorable American Cpt. captured by pirates right now and our fully capable SEALS can do nothing....( that's how it seems to me)

Anyway, this poem, and it's view of the women at home confirms to me the rightness of choosing to be an Oath Keeper.

I just don't commit myself lightly. I kind of fancy thinking it is the love of devoted virtuous women, the blessing of children and a free country behind the Constitution that make our brave and courageous men the GREAT DEFENDERS that they are.

May the Lord, who sees all, bless all the men of this cause,

signed- A humble keeper of the hearth,
Mrs. R.