Sunday, April 19, 2009

I take my oath seriously

I am a former Navy Chief Petty Officer and Army National Guard SFC (retired). Like so many here, I take my oath seriously. I am still subject to call up and plan to do whatever is necessary to keep my oath, and the oath of an Oath Keeper. I have passed this on to my fellow shipmates from ships I served on, as well as fellow veterans and ARNG personnel I served with.

I have long believed that our oath is a "Bi-Partate" oath, and the primary part of the oath, "I, Mark Pfeiffer, do solemnly swear to support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, both foreign and domestic, and to bear true faith and allegiance to the same" was pre-eminent to the secondary part of the oath, "to obey the orders of the president and officers appointed over me".

If those orders are unconstitutional, then we are
required by our oath to oppose them, even to the point of whatever it takes, if necessary. Just as a law enforcement officer (I was that, too) knows that citizens have the right to oppose what amounts to malfeasance, that is illegal actions by those in authority under the color of law, even to the point of using force if necessary.

I am honored and proud to stand beside my brothers and sisters in and out of uniform who believe our Constitution is worth honoring and standing/fighting for. I am also honored to be able to take the Oath Keepers Oath as well.


CaptGooch said...

And We are Honored to have you stand with us Sir.

CPO and SFC ... Well Done and Welcome aboard.

Anonymous said...

America will stand or fall on the honor of it's Military and Police. Whether they prove loyal to their nation,will determine the freedom or servitude of their people.Of course, if they betray their sacred oaths, many of them will fall,even if they suceed in the cause of globalist communist tyranny. Jim -an older American who grew up in pre-globalist non-PC America

Anonymous said...

Maybe Police departments should start to refuse to be militarized.When police carried 6 shot 357 mags they didn't pump 15 rounds into a suspects back to kill him.The idea used to be to bring them in alive.Innocent till proven guilty.Now we all seem to be guilty till proven innocent.America has millions of laws so no one can be innocent of all of them.That is why we have the biggest prison population of any country on Earth.Cops must realize that the government are not their bosses,the people they arm themselves heavily against are.Cops should be cops,not para-military stormtroopers who intimidate their own people.Give back the M-16s and armored cars,be policemen not gestapo.

Anonymous said...

The Federal alphabet agencies and Military special forces should guarentee that they will not oppress the military and police to obey unlawful unconstitutional orders.Hitler and Stalin ruled by terror over the regular military and police.If the "elites" don't perform treason against the armed servents of America,America will not fall.The PC globalist heads of the military and Fed agencies must be defied by the rank and file agents and operators.