Friday, April 10, 2009

Disabled Army Veteran is True to His Oath

My name is Richard Mears. I served in the US Army for seven and a half years. I was injured in a non-combat incident in May of 2003, at Balad, Iraq. I was forced to take a medical discharge and leave the military. I wish that I was still in. I would take this pledge in a heartbeat, without a second thought. Maybe we need another pledge. A pledge by American citizens to stand up and actually fight back if orders are passed down along the lines of what is in the pledge.

I, for one, will not sit down or lay down, nor stand idly by, if and when freedoms are taken away from Americans. I will fight. I will stand.

Richard Mears
US Army, Disabled

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CaptGooch said...

Welcome Richard,

May I respectfully remind you that you already DID take The Oath. When you raised your hand and swore the enlistment oath you took "The Oath".

Welcome Brother Oath Keeper.

Let us, for now at least, concentrate our energies towards Reaching out to the Active Duty Military, Reserves and Peace Officers of this our country and to any and all Americans who are sincere in their desire to support and defend the Constitution and to be helpful in regaining our Constitutional Republic.
God Willing without a full on confrontation but mentally prepared for it IF needs be.

Help us Reach and Teach soldier and in so doing help us save our country.

Thank You for your Service.