Monday, April 13, 2009

Active Duty Aviation Ordnanceman 2nd Class is an Oath Keeper

My name is AO2(AW) Thibodeau, Philip D.

I am unafraid coming out to my fellow brothers and sisters that I am a OathKeeper, it is illegal to protest while in the military in and out of uniform, this I know. OathKeepers are not Protesters but rather speakers of truth against unlawful orders that MAY be handed down. I also can't get in trouble for something I haven't even failed to do as ordered.

I joined the Navy on 25AUG99, I am from Waterford MI and went in as soon as I graduated from HS. I did three tours aboard the Aircraft Carriers, Lincoln 99-01(West Pac 00), Ronald Reagan 01-05(SA Round the Horn, Plankowner), Roosevelt 05-08(Med Cruise 06 OIF 3). And now I am in NMC Conus West Det Fallon.

I dealt with all aspects of Bombs and Missiles; Building,Breakout,
Repair of Bomb Racks and Launchers and Support Equipment.

I first found out about the OathKeepers from a radio show I listen to everyday. Mr. Rhodes was on Alex Jones and I really connected with his words of wisdom.

I love my country that's why I joined almost 10 yrs ago at the end of this Aug. But Loving your country and the people you serve is one thing. However I took my oath to obey the President of the United States no where in the oath does it say I have to like or even respect our leader. To know and see the things that Bush and Obama have done to this country makes me sick, i.e. CFR, Bilderburg Group,Trilateral Commission, Bohemian Grove.

I not only believe that our 10 oaths are true I believe they will be put to the test quite literally. I have until 25MAY11 then my enlistment is up then I will be getting out to hopefully go in to law enforcement or security. its one thing to say you will not follow the illegal and unconstitutional orders that will come down the chain, and still be in when they do. I do not want to be in the Navy when that happens.

R/aka Eleandrus


Lyle said...

As a fellow ex AO "BB Stacker" (AIMD, IM-3 CVA 59 USS Forestall 1972-1975)I thank you for your service and commitment to our nation.

Anonymous said...

Make room in the Ranks!

Welcome aboard sailor!

Thank You for your Service!

Shizat said...

How can it be "illegal" to protest in or out of uniform when that is one of the rights you as military are here to protect. "the right to peaceably assemble" This is another unconstitutional regulation that must be abolished. How can I expect my military to care about protecting my civil liberties and freedoms, when they don't have access to them themselves.
I am a DoD Civilian employee who has taken the same oath to defend the Constitution, and that's just what I am going to do. I am an Oathkeeper and will sacrifice my life, wealth, and sacred honor for the purpose of ensuring that our Bill of Rights is maintained for my family and future generations to come.
I will not waiver in my beliefs or principles that have made me the man I am today, and moreso I shall never allow those that surround me to take actions against American citizens deemed as treasonous.
Ever person here is to be commended for their acts of bravery and patriotism by even being an oathkeeper, and in these times of oppressive tyranny, the heroic effort that it takes to stand up and defend what one believes is right, even if the established leadership denounces you for it. Thank you, for your service and commitment.