Saturday, March 28, 2009

Vietnam Vet and Retired Law Enforcement

"I solemnly pledge to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States of America form all enemies both foreign and domestic, so help me God"!

My oath hasn't changed nor will it until the day I die! I served two tours in Vietnam in a LRRP provisional at Phu Bai and continued to serve for seven more years as a CID investigator with several TDY tours back to the big Green.

I then served as a civilian police officer for several jurisdictions to total 27 years in law enforcement. I continue to serve in any way shape or form to promote 2nd Amendment Rights.

"I will never give up"!

Thank you for this venue! We need more like you!
CJ Miller SFC US Army


CaptGooch said...

Thank You Sarge for Your Service.

I was Navy during the "Big Green" time and wound up hugging a boiler rather than an Garand.

With your contacts to the Peace Officer community the number of Peace Officers that could be awakened is heartening indeed.

Help us spread the word. IF we can get them on the side of Obeying the Constitution then 99% of the problems we fear will disappear like the tunnel rats used to disappear back in the "Big Green".

Thank You for "showing up" over here and helping us out.

"Not On Our Watch"

Anonymous said...

I concur with & commend you for your oath list which has one glaring omission.The Constitution requires a declaration of war(which has not been done since WWII) before our military is called into action.Given that fact any order to deploy or engage in hostilities overseas is patently & wholly unconstitutional absent such a declaration by Congress & should NOT be complied with or followed so why then are our troops in Afghanistan,Iran & over a hundred other countries?That is contradictory & contrary to the oath all soldiers take.Why are armed forces cant seem to grasp that simple fact is beyond me.Id just refuse to go folks.
I suggest that your list be amended to state no participation in foreign wars until & unless a bonafide & valid declaration of war is enacted.To do otherwise compromises your oath & credibility as far as I am concerned.We are NOT to be the worlds policeman nor go abroad in search of monsters to destroy & standing armies are bane of liberty as the founding fathers told US.No one should comply with any order
from from counterfeit commander in chief NObama until he proves he is constitutionally fit to hold that office either.

Anonymous said...

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