Saturday, March 28, 2009

Thank you

I thank you and yours , and your brothers and sisters in arms, both living and fallen, for my freedom, and that of my family, friends, loved ones, and even those with whom I may boisterously disagree. I thank you for your courage and sacrifice, and your oath, to the truths we hold self evident.

God bless you, and God bless America.

Best regards,

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CaptGooch said...

And May God Bless you as well Sir.

IF you have never taken the Oath to defend the Constitution then may I suggest that you find a Tea Party or an Appleseed Shoot or IF you are close enough attend the Meeting on Lexington Green.

Any one of which would be an excellent location and event to finally take the Oath for yourself.

The Oath taking could be planned out by your local group right in your home town IF you cannot find an organized event close by or just wanted to sanctify your Oaths in your own chosen location.

IF you scroogle [] the "Oath of Enlistment" or "Oath of Service" or "Oath of Office" you will get the wording correctly revealed.
There is one oath that would be reserved for the military [Oath of Enlistment]and one for the Officers [Oath of Service] in the military but beyond that Any Oath that includes the words ....
"I, [name] do swear [or affirm upon My Sacred Honor] to support and defend the Constitution of the United States of America against all enemies foreign or domestic, so help me God."
[The items in parenthesis are for non-religious based Oaths and dropping the "So Help Me God" at the end would make the oath non-religious and yet still carry the same weight legally.] would satisfy the requirement to become an official Oath Keeper.

Then you will have taken the Oath and on the anniversary of the very first day that Americans became Americans and defended their Rights against an enemy of those Rights no less.

What a propitious day for that to be done !

Welcome to Oath Keepers. Help us spread the word to all Active Duty Military, Reserves, Veterans, Peace Officers and Law Enforcement Officers in your town, City, County and State.
In fact any American who is willing to actually swear the Oath and stand against any attempt to violate the Constitution.

Best Wishes,


"Not On Our Watch"