Friday, March 20, 2009

Testimonial of Navy Veteran

I am a civilian employee for DON working along side active duty personnel. I was qualified in submarines in 1977 got out as an E6 FTG/SS 1; 22 October 1982.

I’ve traveled more miles under water and ice than most people on this planet.

I served in the US Navy from 1975-1982. I was stationed onboard the USS Permit (SSN 594) during that time and currently work for the DON. I was a Fire Control Technician and now serve as a Weapons System expert IE SUBROC/TOMAHAWK/POLARIS/POSIEDEN/TRIDENT.

Just a drip under pressure.

God willing I will retire from this canoe club early next year after 35 years of service.

I am also a Veteran and an Oath Keeper. Not a member of any militia or political group. I appreciate your work in bringing veterans together, I am sure there are many LEO’ and active military that feel our country is in grave danger and our politicians are overpaid whores who would sell us all out for a price. Keep up the good work, looking forward to visiting your site


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Stewart said...

Thank you for your service, and welcome aboard! Yes, there are MANY of us out there, all Oath Keepers. We just need to wake em up.