Sunday, March 29, 2009

Retired Firefighter and Airborne Vet

My name is Greg Bacon and I am a retired firefighter from the Columbia, MO FD, where I served over 20 years protecting the lives and property of Columbians.

I also served nearly two years in the US Army, "graduating" as an 11B4P with the 82nd Airborne at Ft. Bragg.

The oath I took upon entering is still valid to me and I plan on honoring that oath until I am no longer physically capable of doing so.

The greatest enemy the USA now faces is from within, not without. We are being fed a steady line of Bullshit about another ME country that is NO danger to us, but one that Neocons want to bomb to hell.

Another war would be a good distraction from all of those mini-nukes going off on Wall Street which is devastating Main Street. We should be rounding up the crooks, liars and con artists that stole trillions from American pension funds and 401K accounts, not launching another ME war.

Count me in as an "oath keeper" to my dying breath!

Greg Bacon


Anonymous said...

Posse Comitatus Act
Those who infringe are the domestic enemy!
Give Me Libery, or Give Me Death!
Follow Me

Anonymous said...

From time to time,the tree of Liberty, must be refreshed by the blood of Patriots and tyrannts!
My Blood runs Plentifull,lower my Arms? Come And Get Them!


Anonymous said...

When True Patiots Are Labled Enemies,You Can Lay My Corpse Beside Lady Libertys!

CorbinKale said...

I must admit I am confused by a portion of your testimony. 'Served nearly two years in the Army', 'graduating' as 11B(Infantry)4(Sergeant First Class)P(Airborne qualified).

That would mean that you were promoted to E7 in less than two years? Sorry to question you, but that seems a bit unrealistic. I am very curious about how this occured.

In any case, thanks for taking a stand.