Friday, March 13, 2009

Oath Keepers ... Guardians of the Republic Video!

The above video is our first. Our very next video (which will be out in just a few days) will be on our declaration of ten Orders We Will NOT Obey. Go here to read that declaration:

We encourage you to read that declaration and spread it far and wide. We also encourage you to read our:

You have our permission to repost, republish, broadcast, and distribute any of the materials on this website to spread the Oath Keeper message so long as you give credit and include a link to this website

The Oath Keeper declaration of orders we will not obey has been read aloud on several radio shows, such as Jack McLamb's show, and on Alex Jone's show. Oath Keepers is grateful to anyone who helps to spread the message.

The success of the Oath Keeper message depends on you!

We truly are in a battle for the hearts and minds of our troops.
Help us win it!


American Prepper said...

Wow! I am impressed, You guys bring Tears of patriotism to my eyes. I run the site and Some of my members have posted your link on their blogs so I decided to take a look. I've never been in the military, but I will do what I can to support you. From this day forward I will direct any of my members who are current or former military and peace officers to be members of your organization as well. I'm thinking..Don't politicians also take the same oath. I think we should support those that risk their offices to uphold that oath.

Anonymous said...

That brought tears to my eyes. It's beautiful, Stewart, in its simplicity and message. Still, I would have loved another five minutes of our guardians who have stood firm on their watch. The debt We the People owe our armed forces and law enforcement can never be repaid. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

thank you...

Joel the K said...

Joel the K and everybody at the PatriotsCave salutes and supports you. God bless you all. You should have a hit counter for your web page. Unless I just missed it. Anyway, God bless you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!

This gives me hope. Even though I am not LEO or military - know you have many of us that will stand with you and support you in whatever way we can, I know I certainly will and I know I am not alone in that.

Stewart said...

Thank you all!

We will be doing a longer tribute video, so if you have photos of family, friend, or yourselves who served, from their days in service, please send them in - especially vets of WWII, Korea, and Vietnam.

The tribute video will be set to the song "Minstrel Boy" and the theme will be how so many, in the flower of their youth, willingly fought for this country. Many did not come home, many came home disabled, and all were willing to give up their lives if need be.

So, send in the photos from when they first went in, and of them during service. Either formal dress photos, or informal photos of them with their buddies and/or with family.

The vet does not have to be a combat vet. We just want to honor all those who were willing.

If you want, you can include their name, branch, unit, and the date of the photo, their years of service, or, if they have passed on, their life dates. Up to you.

Just email the photos to

Thank you!

Mike Bacon said...

Politicians, in a free State are generally hollow, heartless, and selfish. Their own aggrandizement is the end of their patriotism; and they always look with secret satisfaction on the disappointment or fall of one whose loftier genius and superior talents overshadow their own self-importance, or whose integrity and incorruptible honor are in the way of their selfish ends. The influence of the small aspirants is always against the great man. His accession to power may be almost for a lifetime. One of them-selves will be more easily displaced, and each hopes to succeed him; and so it at length comes to pass that men impudently aspire to and actually win the highest stations who are unfit for the lowest clerkships; and incapacity and mediocrity become the surest passports to office. The consequence is, that those who feel themselves competent and qualified to serve the people. Refuse with degust to enter into the struggle for office.
It is lamentable to see a country split into factions, each following this or that great of brazen-front leader with a blind, unreasoning, unquestioning hero-worship; it is contemptible to see it divided into parties. Whose sole end is the spoils of victory, and their chiefs the low, the base, and the venal and the small. Such a country is in the last stages of decay, and near its end, no matter how prosperous it may seem to be.
Men may betray: principles never can, Oppression is one invariable consequence of misplaced confidence in treacherous men, it is never the result of the working or application of a sound, just, well-tried principle. Compromises, which bring fundamental principles into doubt, in order to unite in one party man of antagonistic creeds, are frauds, and end in ruin, the just and natural consequence of fraud. Whenever you have settled upon your theory and creed, sanction no departure from it in practice, on any ground of expediency. It is the Master's word