Saturday, March 7, 2009

Oath Keeper Testimonial of Marine Corps Veteran

Semper Fi

40 years old and then some, but still a damn good shot. USMC trained.

I believe in this country and the Constitution I have friends that are vets - they too feel like something is going to happen, kind of like there's no way around it. Our country has been run into the ground by self serving politicians and the dreaded democrats.

I will try to spread the news about you and what you are trying to do.

I served a short time under the Carter admin 30 years ago, I advanced to Lcp but they gave me a check for the rest of my enlistment( too many men in ). Looking back I should have taken the cooks job. Been retired by now if I had. Well I was 18 and I knew every thing.

Semper Fi and God bless,

Joel Ray

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rudy campilii said...

The government of the United States is clearing overstepping it's Constitutional limits. They have clearly suspended the Constitution and are working feverishly on destroying the Bill of Rights. They are hoping they can pull it off while most Americans are unaware. Tyranny is the next logical step. I served in the U.S. Air Force '79-'82. I still love my country and believe in Freedom. I am ready to stand with my brothers and if called by them I am ready to defend the Oath to the Constitution I took so many years ago. Locked and loaded here in New York.
It has been said to me that "a dog has freedom right up to the end of it's leash" that's what our government has in mind for us all. This is one old dog that just doesn't want to learn that new trick.