Sunday, March 29, 2009


To all, I say LOVE is the true power and that the OATH taken by so many is a pledge out of care for what is good and right in this land we call America!

I myself do not wish for a fight and that I have called, emailed, pleaded, challenged to all concerned of their Responsibility and DUTY to the Oath for which they have pledged, from Police, Politicians, Soldiers (I am a Armorer), friends, family and all that are in positions to make a positive effect. Still the ones that are in positions of power will not do THE RIGHT THING or even the job we elected them to, by protecting our sovereign rights as citizens of this land & by promise of their oath to office,leaving us citizens with the last resort to ever come closer.

I am just a man that loves his country and sadly I must now start preparing to defend this land I care so much about; not from some invading Foreign force but my very own ELECTED GOVERNMENT. This is a fight NONE of us should want but to all that have taken the Oath, REMEMBER this!!

A lot of good Men & Women have paid with their lives to keep this land free from the like's of what we now face and remember that the Man or Woman standing next to you could very well hold true to the Oath that they have taken and so go ahead and commit acts of unconstitutional aggression against the citizens and you just might get a little surprise from the REAL MEN & WOMEN that serve our land and so to the one's of honor, I SALUTE you and to the ones that dishonor their Oath, I pity you for when you hold your child, think about the world you are giving to that souls' future and what you may soon be dying for, like I probably will, (at least my death will be with honor)!

A VET who cares


CaptGooch said...

Let us all Hope that "a showing of hands" will alert the Oath Breakers that the game is over and all in government service who will still honor [Keep] their Oath will do so and all of the Oath Breakers will leave in the disgrace they so roundly deserve without the death of anyone or the shedding of any blood.

I am not holding my breath on this .... the Oath Breakers have had their way for quite a while [since Washington himself used our Army to put down the Whiskey Rebellion] and probably think they have already won this "disagreement". Won't they be surprised .... ?

We as Oath Keepers are doing this very public announcement for just this reason.

Welcome to you Vet-who-cares.

Anonymous said...

Stirring words. Thank you so much for this...