Saturday, March 28, 2009

Family heritage of Oathkeepers

I am proud to share with my fellow Americans my Oath of service to my country together with its constitution. As an honorably discharged USN veteran I add myself to a long line of veterans who served this nation. My roots begin with Daniel Frederick Bakeman, the last surviving veteran of the Revolution, and continue all the way to my father who served in the Korean War. Along this family tree are immigrants who made themselves Americans and raised good men who also served both in peace and war.

To live in this land of liberty and enjoy its protections we must never take for granted that they are permanent or secure simply because we have a constitution that states so. Our freedom stems from the will of men to abandon all else to procure it for the future generations. To constantly guard against enemies both foreign and domestic as a patriot, one must never lose sight of the fact that evil is not known by color, shape or name but by subtle acts disguised such that it mingles between us undetected and at its time of choosing may rise to take something precious away should we lower the guard in complacency. That all people not suffer the responsibility of keeping that watch while enjoying this land we entrust to certain individuals, known to themselves as patriots and keepers of the oath, to defend the constitution should it come under attack or be usurped.

That all may know the words and provisions of the constitution, it is made public and while not required of a citizen to know or understand all of it, to be an informed citizen one should at the least read it, read the Federalist Papers and the Declaration of independance as well for they are your heritage. They are the cause of liberty for which so many souls passed and many more aim to follow. I am proud to join that line and keep that oath so long as I shall live.
Thank you for connecting the men of honor in this time of crisis.


straightarrow said...

as eloquent a call to duty as i have ever read. Thank you.

CorbinKale said...

We are honored to stand with you.

CaptGooch said...

Remarkably well stated.
Thank You for your service.
Well Done and Welcome.