Monday, March 30, 2009

Disabled Marine Sounds Off

From a disabled Marine

I swear until my last breath that I will die before I live in a communistic/socialistic country. If I wanted to live in that type of country I would have moved to Europe. I swear to uphold the constitution and to never give way to anyone that does not support it. I swear to always be free and that no one can conquer me. Either give me liberty or give me death. If a person tries to force fascism or communism I vow to take a well aimed shot. Breathe easy and pull slow and off it will go. I swear that I will never give up on the fight whether that is intellectual or physical.

"A man who won't die for something is not fit to live." -

Martin Luther King, Jr.


CaptGooch said...

Welcome Marine,

Thank You for your Service and for standing up with us.

Semper Fidelis

"Not On Our Watch"

Anonymous said...

"If I wanted to live in that type of country I would have moved to Europe."

Can I get an Amen?

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Anonymous said...

We must take America back video

A good one for your site?

Love you Orly


Anonymous said...

To My Children and Grandchildren

I am writing this in the year 2009 and I just want to tell you I am sorry, for putting this mountain of debt on you and for letting the government take away your rights. I am sorry that I wan't man enough or woman enough to stand up for my beliefs or to stand up against the tyranny that our government has brought upon this country. I like so many others was only worried about my well-being and what was affecting my life at this time.

I am sorry for all the freedoms you have lost because we stood by and let the corruption of our government control our lives and gradually take away our freedoms.

I like so many grew up in a nation that gave us Life, Freedom, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness, and was honored to call the USA my home, I believed in the constitution and was proud of our forefathers who gave their lives so we could have all of our freedoms, but Americans took it for granted that nothing like this could ever happen to the United States, we were complacent and living in denial only to be to late to stop the tyrrany that was brought upon us by our president, our democrats and our republicans in office.

I didn't want for this to happen or even think it would happen but it has and continues to do so.

So I am very sorry and understand if you won't be proud of me for the things I have let happen to you. I will understand if you chose to disown me or don't even want to acknowledge my name, simply because I wasn't American enough to stand up and fight for our future, like so many have done before us.

Your Parent or Grandparent


You have 2 choices

1) You can copy this letter and pass it on to your children and your grandchildren if that is what you chose to do and go on living your life being a selfish, self centered coward.

2) You can be a true patriot and stop being selfish and say enough is enough and take a stand in what you believe in and stand up and fight for your rights, for our future and for America, like thousands have done before us.

Make a commitment to the future generations, to your kin, to your neighbors, to your country and most importantly to your God, that you will stand and face the tyranny, facism, socialism, communism and the corruption that faces our country and our beliefs. Your voice will be heard and know this, you my fellow American are not alone.

We will rise up and face these challenges that stand before us and make a brighter future for all.

Long Live America

CaptGooch said...

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