Monday, March 23, 2009

Army Airborne Veteran says to Keep fighting the good fight

I served in the US Army from 81-94 (2nd ID, 41st FA Brigade, 197th Inf. Brigade, 3rd ID, 101st ABN Div) got out because I couldn't stand working for Clinton (Mr. don't ask, don't tell) aka "it's ok to be gay". Also, they told us that if we had admitted to having experimenting with marijuana before we joined, we could only get a secret clearance and not a top secret, and here was this looser going to be CINC after admitting that he had "experimented" with it. Obama, heck, don't even get me started.

I absolutely agree with all of your oaths. Can't think of anything to add or subtract from it. I only fear that the time may come soon that they will come into play. Good news from the House yesterday, that 65 democrats sent a letter to the Attourney General letting him know that they oppose completely any law prohibiting assault rifles. This is a big deal as that is enough to stop a bill from going through (with the Republicans). I got your link from over on the Patriotic Resistance site and just want to complement you on the work you are doing, cannot donate at this time, but I am completely with you on your objective.

Every one of my family lines go back to before 1820 in this country, I had 3 different forefathers who fought in the Revolution, most of them took bounty lands up in the mountains of NC, TN, near the Smokey Mtn Nat'l Park area. Very independent minded people. Just leave this long haired country boy lone", kind of people. Stay off my land, don't even think about touching my guns, don't reward people who do nothing at the cost of us who work, Ayn Rand was a genius (but an athiest), Christ is the center of my life, family next, country next. By country I mean the constitution and all it was intended to mean, Hamilton was also a genious in how he helped create and solidify the capitalist principles that help keep us free to succeed and not have to be ashamed for that success.

I personally, would be just as happy being a subsistance farmer, hunting and fishing and trading a little crops and hides for the other goods needed (which was what most of my forefathers living in the mountains did until after the civil war when taxes made it impossible).

I LOVE my gun collection.

Keep fighting the good fight, we are gaining momentum and our army of conservatives is growing faster each day. Let's keep working hard and keep the momentum rolling.

Never give up, never surrender!
Your brother in the good fight,
Dwayne Hefner, RLS, Owner


Anonymous said...

Well said! It's encouraging that organizations such as OathKeepers (that's 'we the people') are getting their acts together to take our country back. We, myself included, have been the pacifists far too long and have allowed far too much damage to occur. However, there's strength in numbers, and by uniting for a common cause, we can move mountains and heal as a nation, and we must!

As a rural housewife in our beloved Southland, I'm happy just to be left to my own resources - the government has nothing my family is in need of. We will (and do) barter, trade, garden, eat wild game and Mother Nature's bounty, and love one another without envying the possessions or prosperity of others. On a combined annual income of $40,000 in a couple of good years, far less in most, my husband of 35+ years and I have gone from living in a run-down shanty with no indoor plumbing to a new, mortgage free, old-age friendly, low-maintenance home. We raised a family (including braces and college), paid our bills on time, shared with others who were less fortunate or down on their luck, and even managed to put back a small amount for our 'golden years', all without sacrificing any of life's pleasures. Yes, we drive 10 - 15 yr. old vehicles (they get us there), aren't into brand-name clothing, etc. We would NEVER expect a single dollar from ANY individual who has attained wealth by honest means should be taken by our government and shared with us to make our own lives more comfortable or enjoyable. We can do fine on our own if left to our own devices, survival skills, firearms, and other constitutional freedoms.

President Obama promises to not raise taxes for those of us with meager incomes, but we didn't "fall off the 'tater wagon" yesterday! We realize that taxes come in a multitude of shapes and sizes and that our heirs will not be able to retain that which we and our ancestors sweated for if major changes aren't implemented. Let's do it!

CorbinKale said...

Thanks for your Oath and commitment to freedom.

If the government would respect the Constitution and leave the citizens alone, we could live in peace. I believe the time for restoration of the Constitution is at hand. The current Socialist administration is about to bust the dam.